August 10, 2009

French artists worth taking note of

America has always had a love hate relationship with France, we admire their culture but hate their snobbery. We savor their cuisine but stick to our hamburgers and fries which we now called "Freedom Fries." However The US has never really embraced French music, which I find strange. If you are ever lucky enough to travel through Europe you will find that Europeans exchange music all the time, Germans listen to Swedish hip hop, Italians listen to Romanian pop...but the US is so ethnocentric even the UK music scene has to fight to get radio play on our airwaves. So here are some French artists I enjoy, some have been featured in previous blog posts...and I will link those below so you can check out their stuff as well.

ABD Al Malik
- Gilbraltar
The story of African immigrants in Europe, facing racism, adversity and triumph. You may not be able to understand the lyrics but just enjoy the musical experimentation, the jazz piano, the African drums, the voice.

Al Peco - Lascars VS Bl├ędards
French Gangster rap.

Aysat - je n'ai pas choisi
Great French R&B

Cheb Mami - Nos Couleurs
Also check out Zaho featuring Cheb Mami...oh and definitely give this track a listen! I really like the African and Caribbean feel.

Tunisiano - Equivoque
Tunisiano pays homage to MJ in this music video, the song is also quality. He has also been featured on a Zaho track or two.

Don Choa and Zaho - lune de miel
This track is hot!

Sheryfa Luna - Si tu n'etais plus la
She was discovered the American way, through a reality talent show, however her voice and songs are all her own.

Melissa M - Quoi que tu dises
A French R&B diva.

Check Out Other French Artists I've Featured:

French ska and power pop...I also have a major girl crush on Jen the lead singer.
Listen here.

Coeur De Pirate
Sweet Quebec native makes cute folk songs.
Listen here.

Montreal's R&B power house. (her album Dima is worth picking up by the way)
Read this post to find out more.

Snarky lyric queen adds sarcasm to the dance floor.
Look at this post and this post to discover more Yelle.


Blending jazz, latin and soul into a really rich musical experience.
Listen to this post and this post.

Jena Lee
bringing what she calls "emo R&B" to the hungry consuming masses.
listen to this post.

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