August 12, 2009

Lost Songs From My mp3

Songs I completely forgot I had...or existed for that matter

Remy Zero - Fair
Sometimes a mellow song is the one that grabs the most praise and attention, you don't have to be loud and hardcore to make a statement.

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes
You have no idea how many times in high school I dreamed this song was about me...but I don't have blue eyes.

Rachel Yamagata - Worn Me Down
Rachel is such a talented singer songwriter, I wish she got more credit.

Precilla Ahn - Are We Different?
An extremely pretty song that is surprisingly hard to find online...

Coldplay - Warning Sign
I think Chris Martin is a pretentious asshole who thinks he's God's gift to music. With that said A Rush of Blood to the Head is still a great album. And this is a great song.

The Kooks - Time Awaits
Off of their great debut album Inside In/Inside Out this song is nuts. It combines dub, bluegrass and brit pop, I forgot how much I used to play it!

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