June 29, 2010

Cary Brothers - Ghost Town

Most people are probably familiar with the Cary Brothers for their introspective, beautiful and haunting music used on Zach Braff movie sound tracks...or that new Tiesto song. The new release "Ghost Town" is well...exactly what you'd expect from the Cary Brothers, haunting, beautiful and definitely remember-able.

Grip Plyaz

There are a few rappers now a days with a sense of humor, and just like "hipsterdom' has infiltrated indie rock...it's doing the same to hip hop! On his track "fuck dat hipster shit" Grip Plyaz basically comes at everyone (that I also have to deal with on a regular basis) that name calls and uses the term "hipster" as derogatory towards anyone who participates in alternative culture...because seriously...we're not all hipsters...

haha tell em' brother!!!


June 25, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

I think the eleventh grade version of myself would of done backflips for these guys...that was in my "Editors, Bravery, Elephant" phase...I still get a tiny kick out of their songs, however I feel as though they are rehashing the British/New York electropop/indie rock style coined 5 years ago by more progressive bands. I still may see them in Toronto...

Civil Twilight

Came to a free event in Buffalo known as "Thursday at the Square" yesterday...I wasn't really up for it. In fact I hate Thursday at the Squares, it's too crowded, too many drunk 15 year olds and no one actually "listens" to the music. However it's unfortunate that I couldn't see these guys in a more intimate setting. They sorta remind me of massive attack circa "teardrop" and Radiohead (slightly).

June 22, 2010

Hurts - Better Than Love

Ok a bit retro...circa 1985. But Ia m addicted to this song. For a more haunting cover version (that almost sounds like another song) check out Catherine A.D.'s take on the tune also posted below.

June 16, 2010

F(x) also makes a comeback...

Ok so I wasn't a fan of them when SM Town debuted them...I thought they were 2NE1 rip offs...but I kinda like their new sound...not gonna lie. Although their wardrobe choices? Not so much.

FINE! I Am Addicted to the new Super Junior song.

Well it's not THAT new anymore...it's been out for over a month...and it is super Auto-Tuned...but boy can they dance...and it's pretty catchy...so kill me, I am allowed my vices. And if you're wondering if I was excited when I heard Super Junior was making a come back than you are god damn right! And with over 3 million views I guess I'm not the only one...

Tame Impala

Pretty trippy sound, but not soooo out there and new that's it's inaccessible. It sounds slightly like The Beatles circa "Magical Mystery Tour."

Aloe Blacc At Soundlab

Soooo Aloe Blacc is coming to Soundlab in Buffalo and bringing his brand of soul/hip hop/ indie (whatever you wanna call it)/ cool sounding noise with him! And I am pretty intrigued.

Nada Surf!!!

Ok ok so I have a soft spot for Nada Surf, I remember listening to "let Go" way back when I was an awkward tenth grader with pig tails...who hadn't reached 5 feet yet...(I'm still barely over 5 feet...half an inch to be exact). Anyways I have been listening to their new "cover" album for days!!! And it's damn good. I still believe they are one of the most underrated bands in existence today.

June 8, 2010

The Temper Trap - Love Lost

With "Sweet Disposition" and now this single The Temper Trap just may be the break out band of the year.

June Playlist

So I went to a pretty kickass concert two days ago; The Pains of being Pure at Heart with Surfer blood and Hooray for Earth! I didn't really know anything about the opening opening band Hooray for Earth but when i finally did hear them I was quite impressed! So to start off my June playlist, I'm gonna go with some Hooray for Earth and new Pains of Being Pure At Heart material.

Hooray For Earth! - Comfortable, Comparable
This was their second song in the opening song I believe, and my favorite.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Say No To Love
Their newest release...I rather liked it, but I'm biased I bought a T shirt from them ha.

The Young Veins - Change
Ok ok...so they sound slightly "Beatles-esque" although it has enough country grit to squeeze by...you know the scariest part? This band was born out of the ashes of Panic at the Disco...now that IS frightening. After hearing this, I am quite glad they split up due to "creative differences."

Samantha Crain - Lions
She has a slightly wobbly old school voice, but it works, very Regina Spector-esque.

Dawes - When My Time Comes
Slightly melancholy but beautiful.

Bomba Estero - Fuego
Haven't had too much Columbian Dance music on here...or ever...

Kele - Tenderoni
Fine call me biased (again) but as you may all know I am a huge bloc Party and Kele fan...so yeah this was gonna be on the list!!!

Wolf Parade - What Did My Lover Say?
I am waiting in anticipation for this album.