January 31, 2010

Yeti Lane

Synths mingle with a strong drum and bass to create a somewhat mellow twee like concoction of sounds...in plain English without all the music snob jargon I like it.

Tony Yayo - Bullets Whistle

I actually had high expectations for this track...even if it was released by G-Unit, well I was quite disappointed. I knew it was gangster rap so I was expecting any messages of "peace, love, and nonviolence" but this was gangster rap without balls. No witty rhymes, it didn't even sound that aggressive, Tony just sounded bored. Gangster rap is all about being a bad "muthafucka"and Tony did not deliver...at all. Plus the way he's handling the gun in this video makes me question if he can even use one. He seems like more of a hazard to himself with that weapon than anyone else.

January 30, 2010

Fresh! Civil Civic

It took me a listen or two, but I'm starting to really dig it.

Frightened Rabbit

I am in love...with this song. I haven't had much luck with the other type of love lately, and I only seemed to be concerned about the other kind around this time because of Valentine's Day that stupid holiday that makes everyone feel bad about themselves? Yeah...that one. Oh well at least I have Frightened Rabbit to keep me warm on those oh so cold nights. And this year Valentine's Day also falls on Chinese/ Vietnamese New Year. So, I think I might observe that instead by getting myself some pho and spring rolls...hopefully from my friend Anhthu's mom.

Under-Appreciated Band: The Sunshine Underground

Leeds based band making pretty awesome funk tinged indie rock. They have been around for a bit (since 2000) and have a new album expected in the next month or so.

Los Campesionos! - The Sea Is A Good Place...

Current musical addiction? This song! It's one of those tracks that kicks you in the gut on first listen, and you enjoy feeling winded.

January 29, 2010

Anya Marina - Whatever You Like

My friend Shelly posted this on her facebook...and I think I like it better than the original T.I. song as well.

January 27, 2010

Wolf Gang

So I stole them from a recent post on Hipstercrite's blog, and they are really really good. After doing some more digging I have learned several things about them, number one there is a Filipino heavy metal band of the same name (I got reeeeaaallly confused when I searched for them and got people yelling in Tagalog) and two there is barely any information on them. Although they do have a MYSPACE. Apparently they are going to be playing at this year's SXSW, anyone wanna score me some concert and plane tickets?

January 26, 2010

New Massive Attack

The trip hoppers return.

Alphabeat - Hole In My Heart

the second single off of Alphabeat's sophomore album (The Spell) and if it wasn't clear from their first release they are shedding their 1960s Motown image for a more eighties/ nineties dance inspired sound. I really didn't like this song at first (I must admit I prefer old Alphabeat) but with every consecutive listen it begins to grow on me...although it's still not a song "I'm proud" I like...in fact it's quite lame.

Oh the Woes of Being a Buffalonian

Sooooo I love Toronto (I think that's obvious) however it's really frustrating that I have to go there EVERY time one of my favorite bands goes on tour: Bloc Party, The Faint, Ladytron, The Cribs, Muse, Nada Surf and now...The National!!! This is getting annoying guys, really really annoying. Don't get me wrong I jump at any opportunity to go up to the city but still...can't these bands make the 2 hour trip south of the border for once? Buffalo isn't THAT small, I mean we have a subway line, even if it does go up and down one street.

Curren$y - Breakfast

Mehhhh he's done some better shit, this isn't exactly my favorite single of his. I also kinda get annoyed when rappers keep using the words "bitch" and "motherfucker" it's not that I am easily offended, it just gets really boring. I actually think one of the biggest problems with hip hop is the limited vocabulary of today's rappers (that is changing). I really want to see the lexicon of hip hop lingo expanded, because if rappers are the poets of our time (I'm not big on poetry but still) one of the job requirements is the ability to bend words and play with language. It's true that you have to (in my English professor's terms) "own" the language before using it, and I'm not looking for Shakespeare when I listen to a hip hop tune, but seriously gimme something quotable.

CURREN$Y - BREAKFAST from Creative Control on Vimeo.

January 25, 2010

The Penelopes

French dance rock band who cater more towards the noisier side of lofi and shoegaze.

Kid Savant

I was looking through my followers on TWITTER last night (yes more shameless self promotion! woot.) and I found these guys called Kid Savant and they're pretty good. They have an electro pop sound that is quite accessible to a broad audience of people. I can see people who dig MGMT liking their stuff as well as Shins fans.

I really like "Better Side of Paradise" and "What it's Worth"

Check out their MYSPACE


I posted them on one of my month playlists (September to be exact) a while back and they are REALLY starting to grow on me. They maybe one of my newest music obsessions. I would also like to mention that I am in love with the male lead singer....he is quite attractive. the end.

Metronomy: attack of the uber hipsters

Not digging it at all. There's a point where apathy just isn't sexy anymore especially when you decide to douse yourself in colorful body paint and play keyboards for your music video while maintaining to most boring expressions possible and singing in monotone. I don't know if they were trying to be "ironic" or "artsy" are just really really bad. The saddest aspect of this pathetic excuse for a "band" is the fact that they actually convinced a chic to be in the music video...I hope she got paid a lot.

January 24, 2010

Pin Me Down Free Download "Time Crisis"

Pin Me Down is a side project featuring Russell Lissack (lead guitarist of Bloc Party) and Milena Mepris of Black Mustache, I posted their music eons ago (it was a tiny post though) but I will share some more of it to refresh people's memories. I really really like their stuff check out their newest release "time crisis."

Download it HERE

New Girls Generation (SNSD)

And I actually really like it but I can also understand why people might be annoyed by it. It has a more J-pop sound compared to their previous material. However there really is no point in analyzing Girls Generation songs since in the end it's all just bubble gum pop music anyways...and yeah it's pretty lame too although that really hasn't stopped me from listening to it on repeat.

SNSD releases “Oh!” full song!

Miss Li

My friend Elizabeth who has the blog Influenced suggested her recently and I really like her. Miss Li hails from Sweden which is also home to Sophia Somajo, Robyn, Those Dancing Days and Lykke Li as well as countless other innovative musicians tearing up the European music scene. Her voice has a Kate Bush quality to it which can be as appealing as it is off putting (depending on your taste).

January 22, 2010

The Cribs Concert

So I figured I should give you the low down on the concert...I mean since I went and all.

You would be surprised at how many British Ex-pats and Brits living abroad show up to these things, especially from Manchester (not sure why though The Cribs are from Yorkshire). They treat Cribs concerts just like they treat their Manchester United Football games, with lots of booze, swearing "C'mon lads put the FOCKING Cribs on!!" whipping around Manchester United scarves and brawling of course.

The first opening act The Dead Trees (a punk band stationed in Los Angeles) didn't make much of an impression on the crowd partially because the lead singer was too drunk to have much enthusiasm (towards the end he was wobbling around so much I was afraid he would fall on me) and also because none of the band members showed much appreciation for hygiene. The drummer was the only one who looked focused (but he was a little TOO focused on whatever little green men he was picturing while bashing on his drum set...) although it was VERY clear that he was on something besides alcohol because his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

The second opening act was none other than Adam Green (with The Dead Trees on instrumentals --they were all pretty out of it though). Adam Green is known for acting strangely and last Friday night was no different. Whatever the drummer from The Dead Trees was on, so was Adam and then some. After bursting out on the stage throwing his body in every direction (he was wearing bell bottom jeans that were one size too small for him and a motorcycle jacket that was too short with nothing underneath...and he wasn't in shape) the audience finally got lively. Adam staged dived a couple times, attempted to dance and did a pretty good job of keeping all of us entertained but if you asked me if I remembered any of his songs...that's like asking if HE remembered any of his songs (he was pretty drugged up and hammered).

The Cribs gave a really really kick ass but still slightly disappointing performance (well at least for me). The crowd was amazing and everyone was pushing shoving and crowd surfing to get close to the stage. Apparently (well according to the Cribs's fan page on facebook) the Toronto show was the best concert they have performed thus far on this side of the Atlantic (glad I went). Of course they played "Cheat on Me" and other songs from their newest release, but when they started playing their older stuff (and yeah I was happy they performed "Hey Scenesters", "Our Bovine Republic" AND of course "Men's Needs") they never played "Don't You Wanna Be Relevant" or "Mirror Kisses!!!!!" I was kinda bummed but then again I guess when you are expected to play the SAME set of songs at every show it can get quite boring.

January 20, 2010


Uffie was discovered by Justice back in 2005 and then released "Pop The Glock" in 2006. I wasn't really fond of it then, and now out of nowhere Uffie and this song are hot again...I can't say I hate it, but I still don't dig it.

January 15, 2010


Labelmates with Glasser and they are kinda growing on me...


A drum and base/ electronica/ dubstep artist who i really really like. I normally don't gravitate towards much "hardcore" electronica (The Chemical Brothers and Digitalism seems to be my limit) but this guy makes some pretty sick beats.

The Cribs!!!!

I'm going to see them this weekend in Toronto at the Pheonix Concert Theatre!!! Woot...and then on Saturday I go to the Mod Club. This is like the ultimate indie kid experience, but it also means that blog posts will be very infrequent this weekend. I have a few things scheduled, but I'm not going to be on as much as usual. Plus I plan on drinking as much bubble tea, and eating as much pho, Korean food, and sushi as my body can physically handle before I'm forced to return to my hell (aka Buffalo). I won't be surprised if I go up 3 dress sizes while I'm there...


A few months ago I wrote a post titled TheMusicGeek Blogs for Charities, which explained why I had recently posted advertisements on my blog. Originally I was going to donate all the money I made from AdSense to organizations that built schools for girls in third world countries. However, due to the recent events in Haiti I have decided that I will be donating all my AdSense money to Partners in Health. Partners in Health is a health organization run by Dr Paul Farmer an MD PhD (PhD is in Anthropology) providing medical care to the people of Haiti as well as several other nations. So far I have made close to 11 dollars this year on my account, so when I "cash" the cheque (it's better to send cash apparently so that people can use the money on the spot) I will be sure to also write a post confirming that I sent it in.

You can check out The Partners in Health website HERE to learn more about what they do, their mission and the services they provide.

January 13, 2010

Jay Reatard is Dead at the age of 29

The cause of death at this point in time is unknown, new details are forthcoming.


The UK's music scene is booming and Lowline is just more proof that I need to move across the Atlantic...


I don't like Passion Pit...I know a lot of people do (actually the lead singer is from Buffalo go figure...maybe that's why I don't like them). Anyways Galsser are similar in style I guess but I can stomach them much better. I really dig their brand of shoegase/tribal/experimental whatever you want to call it it's just good noise.

London Blackmarket

NME is anticipating that these guys should have a pretty good yera, and i do like their fresh new take on punk music.

Hardest Stone to Throw

January 12, 2010

What's on replay on my mp3?

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher than the Stars
One of my favorite new bands of 2009 and this single off of the EP of the same title is superb.

Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love and Howl
Florence was also on my best of 2009 list (well one of them anyways...and I finally got her album!!!! Yay me...and it is quite addicting. Cosmic Love is actually one of the BEST songs I have ever heard in my life...and I don't say that lightly.

Spirit of The West - Venice is Sinking
Recently rediscovered I had this on my device...glad I did.

Young Rebel Set

Another really exciting English band that I am listening to more and more of lately. NME likes them as well, glad we can see eye to eye on this one...for once.


There are echos of Interpol in Akeal's sound, and that's not a bad thing.

I am really looking forward to hearing more from them!

January 11, 2010

New Education

Even though they're are UK based they have more of an American modern rock sound. They sound a bit emo (circa 1990s) and alternative rock-ish. My only suggestion? Get rid of the NOEL GALLAGHER HAIRCUTS! That is all.

January 10, 2010

Florence and the Machine covers Beyonce's Halo

Is it bad that I like Florence's version better? Beyonce has an amazing voice but I find Florence's version more unique...even though it's a cover. There were a bunch of negative comments on the youtube page and I think Florence did struggle with the chorus a bit, although the instrumentals are really pretty.

PackFM - Happy Days

Awesome...I just laughed throughout this whole song (in a good way) this guy can rap. "Happy Days" is essentially a commentary on the last few years and the decline in standards in hip and hop and politics. It's very well written, very introspective and just a great track.

Mos Def feat Talib Kweli - History

Mos Def and Talib Kweli two hip hop greats collaborate on this retro laced track. I'm really feeling this. It sounds a bit (dare I say it) like something The Roots might have done a few years back before "hip hop" died when they became Jimmy Kimmel's house band...

Mos Def Feat. Talib Kweli-History (Creative Control Color Edit) from Creative Control on Vimeo.

My New Favorite Thing of 2010

Are furry over sized abominable snow man vests on scrawny boy band members. F.Cuz is the latest boy band to debut in South Korea (some name huh! That can be made fun of in so many different ways...but then again I have a dirty mind) and their new song is definitely not my cup of tea but watching them jump around and sweat in grotesque yeti vests is!!! Poor boys...

Only in South Korea....

Can a single named "Bo Peep Bo Peep" reach chart topping dominance in the music market. I am still trying to figure out what South Korean pop music writers think "Bo Peep" means in English much like South Korean music writers "speculated" the meaning of "gee!" on the Girl's Generation hit song. Not my favorite T-ara song (I think so far the one they have with Supernova is the best) mostly because the chorus is way to embarrassing for me...this won't be on a guilty pleasures list anytime soon.

January 9, 2010

Penguin Prison

I have been on a new music binge recently (if you haven't noticed from all the new indie rock posts) and i'm starting to wonder if I should compile everything into a new 2010 list...mehhh whatever. I really like these guys as well they are so catchy and so 2010esque...

Frankie and the Heartstrings

Well NME likes them...I'm not too sure I do yet. However they aren't bad. I actually posted "Fragile" on a month playlist a while back (I forget which one...but I did!). So far "Fragile" remains the only song I like from them...

Little Comets

I like their songs better when I don't watch the music videos accompanying them...mostly because the lead singer kind of scares me when he starts singing (he opens his mouth way to wide!). Besides that their sound is really growing on me.

Darwin Deez

Ohhhhhh god another Williamsburg Hipster who thinks he can be indie rock's next wet dream...but this time he may be right. I was skeptical as well and the lyrics to "constellations" are kind of bordering on Owl City cutesy. However the jangely guitar riffs and clapping made me start tapping my foot...and bobbing my head...

January 8, 2010


Americans have a supperiority complex towards our brand of hip hop because we essentially "invented it." However this mentallity also makes us quite closed minded and although underground hip hop is making a huge comeback in this country (as I kept saying throughout 2009) we shouldn't ignore how awesome hip hop has become abroad especially in the UK. A while ago I made a list of UK hip hop artists worth taking note of, well you can add Giggs to that list.

Marina and the Diamonds

Found her by accident (which happens to be a lot of the time) and she has a really unique voice and sound. I dig.


Ok add this band to my bands to watch for 2010 because I think they're awesome and really catchy.

Everything Everything

Quirky kinda spastic indie rock from Manchester. They sound a bit like the Shins with Attention Deficit Disorder...I like.

Egyptian Hip Hop

they call themselves "experimentalists" but they actually sound more retro to me than progressive. I really like the rawness of the instrumentals supported by minimalist vocals...and now I sound like a pompous ass. They seem to have combined the best of the libertines with a bit of Pulp, and other bands from the 90s brit pop golden era with newer acid rock bands like washed Out and Neon Indian.

Someone put out Lil Wayne's Fire....

I must confess I started listening to this with the full intention of mocking it, and boy did it deliver. It's not as Auto-Tuned as Flava Flav's newest dud but it comes close (from now on Flava Flav's song will be the paradigm for which all other Auto-Tuned songs will be compared and ranked). On the Auto-Tuned scale based on Flava Flav this is an 8...but what do expect you from Lil Wayne. I will say the song is not as horrible as prom queen mostly because on this track Lil Wayne goes back to mostly "talking" (I think someone told him to stop trying to sing) never mind the fact that the lyrics are shitty as all hell it's the instrumentals I'm interested in. I do not know who told him sampling video game music was a good idea but whoever did it was probably in the basement of some recording studio with Weezy after smoking a bit too much weed. Seriously man put down the bong...and the guitar.


Experiential but not obnoxious...cough! Animal Collective....
It's growing on me.

January 7, 2010

The Whigs

They will be releasing a new album in 2010 and have been posting tracks that will be included on the new artistic endeavor since late May. I kind of like it. It's very laid back indie rock.

Korean Music I Don't Consider a "Guilty Pleasure"

I know when I post K-pop or Korean music in general it tends to be stuff I'm embarrassed I like. I have made lists in the pasts including artists and songs I really like on a "higher" level however I figured it was a good idea to start a more comprehensive list.


This album is really solid and her voice is superb.

Epik High
I've included these guys before on one or two other lists and you have to respect Epik High for their creative musical arrangements and introspective lyrics I mean even Daft Punk likes them...

Another experimental Korean electro-pop making waves abroad and for good reason...they're really good.

They are uber weird Korean indie pop hipsters and I like them a lot. I've posted their stuff before.

The Black Skirts
Korean indie rock! And it's pretty damn good.

If Korea has a version of brit pop Nell would be at the top of the list of "examples."

More indie Korean electro pop a bit too cutesy for me at first but it grew on me.

Awesome girl fronted Korean rock introduced to me by my friend Emily.

Guilty Pleasures List 11

Girls Aloud - Call The Shots
they are no strangers to this list...and there is good reason. they make super catchy songs that I can only listen to in my basement with headphones on and the shades drawn. They are pretty lame...especially since I profess to having stellar "taste."

Lee Hyori - 10 Minutes
Just listening to her pronounce 'ten minutes" is painful (I didn't realize she was speaking in English in this song AT ALL until recently) however I still remain an avid Lee Hyori fan...I'm not THAT ashamed...she's pretty gangster.

Jewelry - One More Time anddd Everybody Shhh
I think my shame for listening to this group stems from the fact that they can't even "pronounce" their name correctly...just listen to them on Vari2ty "we are Joool-er-eeee" yikes. But I still listen to them so I don't know what's worse the fact that they can't pronounce their own name or the fact that I actually listen to them and openly admit to it over the web. I always find it amusing when K-pop groups integrate English words in their songs that have NOTHING to do with the overall concept of the songs and Jewelry is on of the worst offenders.

4minute - Hot Issue
Fine....I know I wrote a post a few months ago titled "4minute the 2NE1 Rip Offs" and I still feel as though they do still steal a lot of their style from 2NE1 but this song is too catchy. I cave, and you have to dig the "gang hand sign" they do when they count down to "4minute guuuurl!" it's pretty hardcore. oh and remember it's not 4minutes...because that would actually semi make sense it's 4minte! I also just realized that there are more than 4 members in 4minute so shouldn't it be called 5minute or something? I really do want to know how these Korean Music Companies pick their names.

HyunA - Change
HyunA is part of the girl group 4minute (see above) and has recently debuted her first track as a solo artist and it's pretty catchy as well...now hopefully you don't mind if I bow my head in shame.

January 6, 2010

Nada Surf

Nada Surf are going on tour! I feel like a kid in the candy store...they are my favorite band (well them and Bloc Party). You must understand this...I jumped up and down when I heard the news. Add to the fact that they are doing their first ever album of cover songs and you can say I am extremely elated. Honestly I love Nada Surf more than Kittens, sushi and shiny things...and that says a lot.

Guess What? You can Download the Knux's New Album!

And I must say I am stoked...I have been listening to their previous album (Remind in 3 Days) for weeks now...this is too much excitement to handle.

The new album is titled Fuck You! and I think that's exactly the right note to start the New Year off on. Awesome.


Flava Flav Just Needs to be Loved.

And then maybe he'll stop making crappy music. Seriously what happened to the days of Public Enemy and "Fight The Power!" which is an awesome song by the way. Well Flava Flav made a song where even Auto-Tune can't hide his TONE DEAFNESS...and boy is it Auto-Tuned. Add some meaningful "lyrics"...if you can even call them that and you have one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Although I must say I still enjoyed it...I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I just kinda want to tell Flav to stop standing in front of the electric fan. And who ever the lucky lady is that he wrote the song for...I want to extend my sincerest apologies.

Under-Appreciated Artist: M83

Ever wondered what French lofi electronica would sound like? Here is your answer and it's pretty dreamy...almost as dreamy as Joseph Gordon-Levitt (so I like the kid so what? I still haven't seen 500 Days of Summer...and I must). Anyway Anthony Gonzalez makes French indietronica like it's 1985 again...but it's not and we won't tell him that.


Under-Appreciated Band: The Faint

Hands down probably the most fun I have had at a concert was seeing these guys and Ladytron (it was a double bill). I think everyone should see the Faint in concert once before they die.

Under-Appreciated Band: the French Kicks

I've been listening to a lot of them lately. And if you are wondering why the posts have been so infrequent...it's because I actually have a life right now. I've been going to parties..shocked? So am I. (I saw Styx on New Years...not that that is something to brag about...it was free and I was hammered THANK GOD! I don't think I could of tolerated it if I wasn't). Anyways The French Kicks make pretty kick ass British inspired (though they are New Yorkers...) indie rock and that's all you really need to know.

January 1, 2010

January Playlist

Welcome to 2010!!! this was the hardest month playlist I have had to do yet because not only do I have to pick songs for the month, but also for the year (up to a point) we have 12 months to see how 2010 unfolds.

Delerium feat Kreesha Turner - Dust in Gravity
Delerium is a Vancouver based band founded in 1987 that has gone through many transitions musically. What i like about them is they love to experiment whether it's with electronica, shoegaze, industrial soul or funk they constantly evolve. This song features a Canadian soul/RnB singer Kreesha Turner who sites her main influences as Erkah Badu, common, A tribe Called Quest and so on, I think she has a really wonderful raspy voice with a ton of character.

Hadouken! - Turn The Lights Out
Dance punk from the UK with a darker sound than most indie kids here are used to (The Rapture etc) it has made big waves in the UK in the last three years and 2010 it may just try to cross the Atlantic.

Check out older Hadouken! this song took a lot of heat because they basically made fun of indies/scenesters

G Dragon, CL, Teddy - The Leaders
CNN has just named the Wonder Girls as one of the groups to watch in 2010, Rain starred in the movie Ninja Assassin and Boa, and Se7en both tried to break into the market in 2009. In 2010 Son Dambi may be featured in an American movie and if all this is happening who knows? Maybe a k-pop artist or two could end up gracing the US charts in the next decade. G Dragon, CL and Teddy definitely are "the leaders" on the k pop charts at the moment

Nneka - Uncomfortable Truth
I am in love with Nneka she is edgy like and makes kick ass songs. This may just be her year.

Alonzo - Je Suis le Quartier
I dig the aggressive nature of French gangster rap and it keeps getting better.

Hot Chip - One life stand
Yes! Hot Chip is back! Am I the only one excited about this?

Skillz - GangStarr
This tune is from 4 years ago but Skillz has been in the game for a long time and may just crack the mainstream this year. 2009 was the year of the hip hop underdog maybe 2010 will continue the trend.

Why? - This Blackest Purse
My friend Jenny insisted I check these guys out MONTHS ago and then my friend Darien posted them on his music blog. these guys are good!
Check out Jenny's and Darien's blogs as well:
Schemes N' Dreams
The New Noise

Wolf Parade - Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungary Ghosts
What weirdos, and I dig them!

The Submarines - You Me and the Bourgeoisie
A bit older again I must admit, but i believe they have a new album coming out this year, and they just may expand their fan base...