August 30, 2011

Theo Martins For Helena

He samples Foster the People's Helena (that band is so hot right now...but hell I told you that months ago! Oh and if you can see them in concert...go.) Anyways school is in full swing, but this song has definitely lifted my spirits really cool remix/fusion/whatever Theo Martins Does it comes out sounding pretty dandy.

Oh and side note...August sucked! So now that my procrastination is in full swing (thanks school) I'll have more stuff on the blog.

August 24, 2011

New Ladytron album on the way

And this is the first single! I don't really have an opinion on it yet to be honest...I think "destroy everything you touch" and "they only want you when you're seventeen" will always be the standard for them unfortunately. This doesn't really do anything for me...but its the first track, there will be others!

August 23, 2011

NEW Florence and the Machine

She's backkkk! And its pretty awesome!

August 22, 2011

Marina and the Diamonds - Radioactive

I'm obsessed with this song right now...but then again I'm already a huge fan. I think its awesome she's changing her sound, even though I loved "The Family Jewels." Although it seems as if a lot of Diamonds fans don't agree, they are angered by her new "generic" sound. I just think it's fun.

August 11, 2011

August Playlist

August is sort of a depressing month, it's like a Sunday, technically still the "weekend" but you know that you have a full work/school week ahead of you the next day. Anyways my relatives from California are in town! Which basically means I get to live in coffee shops and libraries for the next 12 days...I am really in need of more hide outs. So here is the August Playlist...10 days late. Again sorry...traumatic family reunions are never fun, I've spent the past week eating tubs of ice cream and rocking back in forth on my bedroom floor until they finally left...well sorta.

Dark Dark Dark - Daydreaming

I saw their acoustic set on watch listen and tell, and sure they do look like they are trying too hard...just like every other indie band now a days (or anyone walking up and down Elmwood...) but it's a damn good song.

Marina and the Diamonds - Fear and Loathing

SHE"S BACK! SHE'S BACK. Total girl crush mode. Plus her debut album was uh amazing! Cannot wait for this new EP...

Dan Black - Falling Star (feat Kid Cudi)

Dan Black samples Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine and has Kid Cudi on the same track? WIN!

Dan Black - Alone

I really can't wait to see him again in concert...really good live by the way. This is off of his debut EP but he's finally gaining traction in the US.

Weezer - Pumped Up Kicks

I went to the "Foster the People" show in Buffalo last night (awesome by the way) and they mentioned that Weezer covered one of their songs so in return they covered one of Weezers! It was a really good cover by the way...but I searched for the Foster the People - Weezer tribute and couldn't find it, so I'm going with the Weezer - Foster the People one...Unfortunately...this is the best version I could find...Sorry!!!

Reverend and the Makers - Riot

Jam out to the sound of the London riots...

August 5, 2011

The Shape of Not Really Being A Sentence mofo...

While usually I post a "August Playlist" at the beginning of the month...and THAT IS COMING...I decided to post this instead. The Buffalo infringement festival is where Buffalo once again showcases it's fine arts and "culture" which is why I never write about detail...ever.

This is what he has to say about himself, in his words:

"shapes of states is a single life form that plays electronic beats on drum set and synthesizer, at the same time. The live shapes of states performances in jam-tronic drum and bass as well as groove-oriented electro genres ideally occur in underground art-space and pseudo-venues. Myriads of sound puzzle the state of the concept of solo musical performance when shapes of states weaves sonic elements into densely textured compositions, with the frequent use of repeating patterns and entrancing repetitions, and repeating patterns. Since conception in late 2007, shapes of states has lent his audio spectacle to Buffalo, NY based major art and music festivals, theaters, clubs, bars, homes, lofts, attics, warehouses and to the grand opening of an art gallery. New Years Day, 2009, marked the release of the first shapes of states CD, “teaching hexagons to be cubes,” which was soon followed up by a video for the title track. In true form, in document, in the midst of your latest in intelligent dance music playlists, a shapes of states track integrates ambient layerings, echoes and loops of space and time trailing off into distant spiral galaxies with modified modern beat, low end meanderings. Please abandon any pre-conceived notions of solo musical performance before administering. "

Could you understand that? I couldn't understand that...

This is his music:

Jeff Repeater - Metacosmos by shapesofstates

Jeff Repeater - Eat Your Future by shapesofstates

This is what ArtVoice said about them in the "Best of Buffalo Issue"

"Performing as a one-man band is not an easy task, especially if your main instrument is a drum kit and your genre of choice is IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Just ask Geoffrey Peters, a.k.a. Shapes of States. When this guy takes the stage he simultaneously rocks complex break beats on his drum kit while syncing up a loop station and swelling synthesizer chords from his MicroKorg. One handed drumming? No problem for Peters, but I dare you to try it.

Read more:"

Now drumming with one hand is a redeeming quality. I concur. But that's all I'm gonna say...