October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is Klaus Nomi, he was an experimental artist from the eighties...enjoy. He has been quite influential to many progressive artists, but I must confess I never really got into him. In fact I think I enjoyed watching him the most when I have been intoxicated, or high...seriously try smoking a joint and watching Klaus Nomi. I will say he did have a very untimely death from AIDS at the age of 39, but please let's focus on the song.

If that doesn't scare you I don't know what will. Have a safe, happy, Halloween!

October 30, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: Glasvegas

I went on a library run yesterday as I do when I am feeling down and I picked up the new Glasvegas record...and it's epic. Glasvegas is a Glaswegian group formed in 2003 and they sound like a combination of the brit rock from the nineties and early Coldplay (think" yellow").

Daddy's Gone


Lou Barlow covers La Roux

And its really good...it doesn't even sound like the original. It almost sounds like an eerie country infused folk ballad...I like it.

October 28, 2009

I Need to Leave for Fiji....Just Somewhere Away From Here

So as you know I do the occasional non related rant on this blog, from time to time when something is really bothering me. So here is another issue I have been having...I have been talking to Mr X again. You may remember him from some of my earlier posts, however something happened last night that put me off to him--for good. He solicited me online for sex...classy isn't it? The guy doesn't even have my phone number, I don't think he has EVER asked for it, I gave it to him once and I think he forgot it or just never took it down. Anyway I was doing homework and had facebook open as I do from time to time, and I see a facebook chat window pop up...he literally wanted to schedule a TIME and PLACE to this...yeah really romantic. Being the kind of person I am I told him straight up no, because he doesn't even like me or care about me...and he never refuted that he just kept pressing the issue on through. Buffalo can be such an overwhelming place sometimes especially when stuff like this happens, you see I know Mr X from high school...strange right? I never talked to him or knew he existed, in fact I barely talked to anyone in high school on a non superficial level. Anyway I come back from Toronto and he develops an "interest" in me...the thing is in a city as small as Buffalo there is like one degree of separation separating everyone you know from everyone else. So essentially if I did anything too risque with this dude I could have half the city knowing that we did something...and although truthfully I could care less in this town, I have been feeling kind of used lately mostly by some fair weather Buffalo friends so doing anything too fast with a guy probably would not help my feelings. What I really disliked about this conversation was that either way it would end badly for me, if I refused which I did, I'm a prude, if I say yes I'm a slut...there is no "in between." I gotta get out of this town. I finally said I think I could only do that stuff with a long term boyfriend, then he stopped for a moment and asked me, "What's the difference? We have done everything else." And that is when I knew this guy would never get me...maybe there is a correlation between music taste and understanding a person (read my first post on him to figure that one out).

So here is my "I Hate Men I'm Becoming a Jewish Nun" Playlist.

The Kooks - Naive
Because essentially I was...well not entirely. Delusional would probably be a better word.


Lily Allen
- Fuck You
Self explanatory. Well the song is about homophobes...but mehh.

Spoon - I Summon You
The lyrics to this song are really poignant...I don't know it's just a comforting song.

Bif Naked - Tango Shoes
She is the queen of angry, you're a man-whore...songs...

Robyn - Handle Me
Yeah I also like this song when I get pissed off at guys. So I guess Mr. X will just have to rely on himself and his Hannah Montana albums for a little longer.

October 27, 2009

Editors - Papillon

Editors were one of my addictions from High School (and "Munich is still one of my favorite songs). I do like this song, but I do wish their sound would of progressed more from 2005. To me, this song sounds like it could be right off of their debut album.

Weezer continues to scare me

Weezer makes a song about partying featuring Li' Wayne...I have nothing more to add.

October 26, 2009

Private is still preoccupied with 1985...

Forgive me I actually hate the Bowling For Soup song...but it was such a fitting title! Private is a Scandinavian group focused on producing really lame 1980s sounding dance anthems...and when I mean lame I mean Elton John's outfits lame, Cher's plasticized face lame...Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" LAME. Apparently they are becoming a big deal...and if they are as hyped as music critics are making them out to be, we will all be going back to neon over sized sweaters and miracle grow hair before anyone can be Saved by the Bell...

So here is a lesson: there is good retro (Retro Kidz are decent SANS eraser head haircuts) and then there is the kind of retro that brings back really uncomfortable memories of your high school prom from 1987. You decide what category these guys fall in to.

Brookville - Great Mistake

The video is cool, the song is mellow, I do wish his voice was a bit more energetic but I still dig the music.

It's Time To Downgrade Lil' Wayne's Ego...stat

I would like to just extend a very cold and sarcastic thank you to whatever idiot procliamed that Lil' Wayne is "the best rapper alive." Because first he goes from releasing class tacks like "Something You Forgot" and "I feel like Dieing" to crap like "lollipop" then he decides that he can make a rock album because apparently Weezy can do nooooooooo wrong and releases the WORST rock song I have EVER heard. Now we get this, a preview of "No Ceilings" proclaiming that it will be the greastest thing hip hop has ever seen since sliced bread...give me a fucking break. As you see Lil' Wayne towards the end spitting some rhymes, I think I have a right to ask...do you really think he and Drake are that awesome? Seriously? Nas is still alive and kicking last time I checked...so is Raekwon and RZA, maybe some Eminem perhaps? Some K-OS? And how about Mos Def, he may have released one of the best rap albums of the year. All I'm saying is I really think that Wayne should have a legitimate rap battle with someone to sort this thing out...best rapper alive my ass.

Volcano Choir

A new addition to the long list of indie "it" bands, Volcano Choir is an experimental indie folk sextet from Wisconsin backed by a lead singer who could be mistaken for a mellower Chris Martin. I think they have an interesting sound, and it's good chill out music. But in the end, their music all ends up converging towards Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire and every other indie "it" band that came before them. Don't get me wrong I do like their music it has a very laid back vibe but let's not call 2009 the year of the Volcano Choir just yet.

October 25, 2009

Retro Kidz...bringing the Eraser Head Back?

You have to see this video to believe it...I am not sure if its from 2008 or 1988. I can't say I hate it, in fact I kinda dig the whole retro is new again concept I'm just not sure if the world is ready for the rebirth of the Eraser Head...in fact I'm not sure we'll ever be ready. Some things like the mullet, should just be left to die. Other than that the music ain't bad.

Féfé - Dans ma rue

Just what it sounds like a nifty song (if you can call it that) about a problematic neighborhood. It sort of reminds me of Wyclef Jean.

Spontania feat AZU - Onaji sora mitsumeteru anata ni

A new musical addiction of mine, the video came out about a week ago on Universal Music Japan. I think the reason I feel the need to promote Asian artists on here is because I find that America is very closed off to artists from other cultures especially if they speak in their native languages and even more so if they are Asian. I think the US market misses out on a lot of talent because we insist that singers sing in English. Japan and Korea have two of the biggest music industries outside of the West. They set trends for almost all of the rest of East and South East Asia. Ignoring the music coming out of Asia is almost like ignoring global economic or political trends. Some of the most innovative ways to market and package artists are coming out of these two countries especially since markets for singles and albums in their native countries (much like our own) is shrinking. Watching their influence expand abroad is quite fascinating. I also think there is a stigma attached to listening to music from Asia, some people think you're an anime and manga freak (especially if you are Caucasian...and for the record I was only into Pokemon and that was in third grade) or that you have an unnatural obsession with Japan. This stereotype is only encouraged by the fact that many people who learn about Japanese and Korean artists do so through watching the openings for cartoons like Naruto and Bleach. However, it's funny that these stereotypes exist in the West while Asian countries listen to as much Western music like Britney Spears as they do J-pop and K-pop, and believe me I am pretty sure most of the Asian market for Western pop doesn't understand English either. So what really is the barrier for American listeners to start enjoying music from around the world regardless of language? The only answer I can come up with is our superiority complex, our music is always better, just like our TV and movies are ALWAYS superior right? Do yourself a favor and branch out a bit if you haven't already.


October 24, 2009

Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness

This definitely has a classic late 1960s-early 70s sound, and I like how timeless it is. I only wish his voice was a bit heavier and richer but besides that I love the song, for some reason it conjures up images of rain in New York City for me...

Another Laughably Lame K-pop Boy Band

New boy band BEAST or B2ST debuted their new MV for their single 'Bad Girl' and there is so much wrong with the music not to mention the video I don't even know where to start...actually I do let's start from the top the hair. The hair ranges in ugliness from modern takes on the bowl cut...and when was that ever considered trendy? To strange half shaven half rat's nests dos and the occasional homage to Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. Add a few bad dye jobs...G-Dragon really needs to stop dying his hair blond because now ALL the boy bands are doing it and some questionable guy liner and you have the beginnings of a questionable K-pop group. Now the clothes are another matter all together, some MC Hammer pants, some feathers and some feminine jewelry....I am starting to wonder if this group is supposed to cater to boy crazy teenage girls or teenage boys who are struggling with their sexual orientation. The music is your typical generic K-pop mess, some Auto-Tune some rapping, as you know I freely admit to listening to K-pop with some guilt attached...but I could barely get through this.

New Lissy Trullie

I think I liked "Boy Boy" better but "Self Taught Learner" still isn't a bad song. She is definitely one of the biggest breakout artists of 2009.

October 23, 2009

When Your Around

If you don't know by now I have a massive crush on Frankmusik, I have a thing for awkwardly cute guys who have musical talent. Anyway this song has become my latest obsession, it's one of his older singles.

October 22, 2009

Kings Of Convenience

They have a new album out, but I always find myself especially drawn to this song from 2006. I think the nerdy guy in the red jacket is kind of cute....is that a bad thing? I feel like I have a crush on Napoleon Dynamite.

Here is one of the new singles:

Jason Derulo RUINS an Imogen Heap Song

Imogen Heap's song "Hide And Seek" is one of my favorite songs of all time...that was until it was used as the hook of this Auto-Tuned barftastic Rn'B atrocity. Who is this clown anyway? I am not amused. I am posting Imogen Heap's song first...and then listen to the Auto-Tuned track from hell...

Run-DMC Plan a Broadway Musical

And ladies and gentlemen I think hip-hop has officially died. Apparently the musical will feature original Run-DMC songs...can you imagine some poor poor Broadway star doing jazz hands to "King of Rock?" What's next? Are the remaining members of NWA going to sign up for a musical soon too? "Straight Outta Compton--The Musical?" Oh I can't wait for the Broadway rendition of "a bitch is a bitch."

It's Tricky!!!!

October 21, 2009

I Cave...I like Shinee's New Single

Ok fine the video is horribly embarrassing, I mean the wardrobe choices for these groups are terrible. The feathers? The over-processed blond hair? The wings? Yeah really "manly." I don't really get how these guys can be sex symbols when they are dressed like Adam Lambert...but hey they are one of the most popular boy bands in South Korea so I guess they are doing something right. I actually never liked any of their songs, but their newest one is pretty catchy in a I have to close all the windows in my house and retreat to my basement kind of way.

MIKA is Making Me Increasingly Uncomfortable

Do you vaguely recall the MIKA post I did a while ago? you know the one about his first single off of his sophomore album? Well he has just released his newest single Rain and um I guess he really likes the Beegees it's too bad that I DON'T. The videos are also getting way too theatrical for my tastes. Lot's of arm swinging, grand gestures and strange facial expressions. the worst part is listening to the song and just thinking about how show-boaty his music has become. Honestly if they played these songs in elevators and at the supermarket along with Funky Town and We Built This City I don't think I would notice the difference...but is that being too harsh? At this point MIKA is becoming as cool as shag carpet, polyester, and disco...and when was that stuff ever cool?

Six Years Since The Death of Elliott Smith

I have been alternating between XO and either/Or for the entire day. Elliot Smith lived a sad disturbing beautifully heartbreaking existence. Do him a favor and play some of his music, watch some Good Will Hunting or just something to honor the legacy of one of the greatest song writers of this generation.

October 20, 2009

The LAST Tiesto Post...I Promise!

I just caved and got his album, yeah go figure, and this song rocks. And now i promise I will refrain from posting about him for a while I just haven't gotten an album in a while where ALL songs are quality, it's quite rare.

The original song isn't too shabby either:

Rihanna has a New Single

Um...yeah we get it, you're deep, you have feelings, you're edgy you can rock a barely there haircut and an eye patch and still look hot. However is it just me or do you also sometimes feel like you are trying too hard?

I will say I have noticed that the Auto-Tune has been reduced on this track so score one for Riri, and the production on this song is a lot more radical then any of her previous singles but the song still never goes where you want it to. Listen to it here.

October 19, 2009


I am very sorry, but I have no one to rant to....and I NEED to get this off my chest once and for all.

Ok, I don't want any father-daughter bonding experiences, no heart to hearts, I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE. I am almost 20 it's kinda late for that shtick. You're too sensitive and I'm stubborn, and it's taken me a very long time to figure this out but I'm not a bad person, even if you tell me I am I'M NOT, I do NOT have a bad personality and I am NOT disturbed. Maybe YOU should get your male PMS under control. Every time you come down and bother me in the basement, with "you said this in a mean tone" and "why are you being so mean" honestly it just makes me want to do it more. I am SICK of playing this game of what's wrong with me...guess what? I am going to community college after going to an ultra competitive prominent university. I am stuck in Buffalo in the house with my parents when all my friends are in Toronto. My friends in Buffalo DO NOT CALL ME in fact I haven't seen them in MONTHS. Because they are so wrapped up in their own lives they've forgotten I EXIST that's what's wrong with me. So please I've had to deal with years of this sensitive crap from you and all I can say is TAKE IT LIKE A MAN. I do. I apologize to you when I know I've done nothing wrong, I purposely try to stay longer at school and in the library to avoid coming home, and I am FUCKING SICK OF IT. Develop a thick skin, I'm a depressed 20 year old, don't over analyze everything I do.

Sorry for that, but I really have no outlets.

So to celebrate my relese of anger let's go with some Bif Naked. The worst part about this song is that it sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy....

October 18, 2009

Noah and the Whale

I can definitely identify with this song, maybe not from a breakup stand point but definitely from one of depression and disappointment. Everything about this video is beautiful from the instrumentals, and lyrics, vocals and the great cinematography (it is from an upcoming movie trailer). It's funny the one time Spin gives a buzzed about indie band a negative review the music is epic and intelligent...I guess the editors at Spin are too busy over analyzing the "raw organic energy" behind the craptascular band Girls! Seriously guys this is music you want to be promoting....but alas fans and critics once again do not see eye to eye.

Loney Dear - I Was Only Going Out

I came across this song accidentally, but I'm glad I did, it's charming in a quirky sort of way. It's nice when music can make you feel better about a crappy day, I lost my student ID and bus pass...and I am still frantically looking though every crevice of my house to find them, but this lifted my spirits a bit.

SM Entertainment's Newest Girl Group: f(x)

Yeah when I saw it I didn't get either..."They named the group function???" but the name is actually short for Aff(x)tion...and it's still stupid. The only thing I find kind of interesting about this group is the look of the rapper, she is actually quite, boyish. I kind of like the fact that not everyone in the group is conventionally "pretty" as we all know South Korea pop stars have developed a reputation abroad for plastic surgery. I wonder what is going on in the Korean pop music business lately because the face of girl groups definitely is changing with girl groups like 2NE1, 4minute, and T-ARA, groups are becoming tougher with less of the sickening "cute" factor that plagues acts like SNSD, KARA and The Wondergirls.

Although other than that the song is still kind of lame sounding. I think 2NE1 so far is the best new act to come out of the battle for girl group supremacy.

October 17, 2009

New Asobi Seksu

A great twee pop/ lofi/ shogazey -- [whatever indie label you want to slap on their albums] band from New york City. Their music is barely heard but has a loyal following of fans and critics. If you are lucky enough to have them come to your city go out and show them support...they never come to Buffalo.

New Mew

Yes the neo-progressives have a new album out and they are also going on tour! And before you ask if Buffalo is being added to the list, don't worry it's not. Although they will be playing in Toronto at the Mod Club December 6th.

Miracles Of Modern Science

Adding to the list of indie acts that incorporate string instruments into their music: Ra Ra Ra Riot, Matt Pond PA, Andrew Bird, Miracles of Modern Science may have a new-agey name, but their sound is ageless.

Hammer No More The Fingers

Heavily influenced by Cursive and Sunny Day Real Estate, its retro emo with some indie rock tendencies. So this is emo for the old school flannel shirt wearing, thick glasses emo wearing kids of yesteryear...you know the ones who are now in their thirties. No Hawthorne Heights T shirts allowed.

Die! Die! Die!

I must say awesome band name, and pretty rad music. A combination of punk and grunge resembling The Cribs and the Smashing Pumpkins.

October 16, 2009

A Small Tiesto Obsession....maybe

I just keep finding more songs from this guy featuring musicians I really respect and admire. I guess we have the same taste in music. When my friend Shelly showed me his music two years ago I wasn't into any of his "trance" stuff...but after Tegan and Sara, and my last post about him, and now Priscilla Ahn! I am really starting to feel like a groupie...

Cary Brothers - Ride

I just rediscovered this song, I had forgotten how much I loved it in 11th grade. It's also so under-appreciated.

According to Spin The Rural Alberta Advantage are on Fire! I just think they're boring.

Woah another hot new Canadian band! According to Spin Magazine at least. Don't get me wrong I love the Canadian indie scene...I have been to Montreal, lived in Toronto, there are a ton of good Vancouver indie bands, but I can't say I'm digging these guys. I have more of a "been there, done that" attitude with them. To me, it just sounds as though they are piggy backing off of the sounds of more popular acts like stars, Young Galaxy and the like. I'm not hearing anything new or exciting. The song "In The Summertime" tricks you into the thinking the music will build, when in reality it ends as boring and uneventful as it starts.

October 15, 2009

Tegan and Sara - The Hell

I feel like I've grown up with Tegan and Sara quite a bit. As I have matured going from middle school to high school and now university so has their sound. I am waiting in eager anticipation to listen to their newest album since 2007's "The Con" although "So Jealous" remains my favorite album.

The Heavy - Sixteen

Great new band out of the UK. It's so different than a lot of British music I listen too, and I am quite enthused about these guys. I like their take on southern American Soul as well as old British bands like The Animals. This has a very "House of The rising Sun" feel, obviously I'm not referring to the original prison song but the remake of the remake done by The Animals.

N.E.R.D. Make a song with Santigold

And it's awesome! I may have dogged N.E.R.D. for adding a female member to the group -- they still haven't mentioned who it is yet, it's obviously not Santigold...I wish it was. but seriously listen to this thing, it's wacky in a good way. You can also download it for free at the link below.

download it here

The Bats

I have been going on CD raids at my local public library recently where I got the new Pains of being Pure At Heart album (mentioned these guys months ago, check them out if you haven't already) and these guys - Bats. they are a small indie band from New Zealand and I am definitely enjoying their album "At The National Grid."

October 14, 2009

G Dragon's New Barftastic Video...

I thought I was done with mister G Dragon for today but no...not at all. I just came across his new video for his second single "Breathe" and yes the song isn't great but we're not really focusing on the music this time. I am going to be really superficial stage an intervention and say WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU WEARING!!!! No seriously...what is up with the muppet jackets? I thought you were kind of cute before you decided to become a blond and all. And I know you have always been fashion forward...but seriously if I saw you wearing some of the get ups you donned in this video I wouldn't be throwing myself at you I'd be running in the opposite direction to make sure you couldn't raid my closet. I thought the feather boa like arms on some of the outfits were the worst fashion offenses that was until the end of the video when I saw the flower jacket from hell. I don't think the hippies would be too happy with your concept of "flower power" that is no fashion love child but more like a rosemary's baby of fashion monstrosities. I want to burn it, and watch all of the multicolored flowers shrivel and die as they burst into flames. Seriously dude I would be doing you a favor.

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

Um interesting name. I must say I think HAM has been my favorite as far as K-pop groups go...although MBLAQ is still pretty bad. The song is pretty embarrassing too, and please someone call the fashion police! I don't care if MC Hammer pants are in they are still an assault on my eyes. Also nice Big Bang impersonations...can't these new guy groups find their own styles rather than imitate?

Koreans Have Crappy Pop Music Too Part 2

G Dragon's "Heart Breaker" was pretty bad, and now he's actually being sued by the people behind Flo Rida's remake of crappy song "You Spin me Right Round" for copyright infringement...go figure. A crappy eighties song is remade by a half assed crappy rapper and then "stolen" by G Dragon for a less than stellar single. I actually can't tell the similarities between Flo Rida's song and G Dragon's but whatever, we have a new crappy Korean single to analyze. This time it's brought to us by a new singer N.S Yoon Ji N.S, not only are her dance moves in the song extremely sloppy but the girl CAN'T sing. It's heavily Auto-Tuned to mask the fact that her voice is not strong enough to carry a heavy dance track and boy does it show. Apparently she has some connections in the music industry in South Korea, she has a cousin in popular girl group KARA. Well I guess just wait and see how it does on the charts.

Guilty Pleasure: Tinchy Stryder and Taio Cruz - Take Me Back

Tincy Stryder can't rap, it's a known fact. In fact almost all his songs SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. However I love me some Taio Cruz....and that's what makes this song worth listening to. Although in all truthfulness it is still quite generic even with the British Auto-Tuned Akon on the track...but then again that is what makes it pedestrian. Ohhhh well, I could care less either way this song is still on repeat on my PC.

Pre-Halloween Playlist

So I need a costume. I was thinking of dressing up as a zombie Nancy Spungen but I'd need a Sid Vicious to get that to work...and I'm not a fan of peroxide blond hair and fishnets. Halloween is my favorite holiday, my birthday comes two days afterward (I used to think my birthday was an extension of it--I was three!) and you get to play dress up and get candy, thus I have concluded it is the best holiday. Sure some people would argue that Christmas or Thanksgiving fit in there somewhere, but I'm not Christian and I belong to a family of non-practicing Jews who neither observe Christmas or Hanukkah, oh and I don't like Turkey so Thanksgiving is out of the running. Therefore Halloween dominates as my holiday of choice. So anyways I have been watching way too much Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I was really attracted to the dark and brooding soundtrack. I never noticed how awesome the music selection was on that show, a lot of Smashing Pumpkins and K's Choice, so I made a playlist. Somewhat inspired by Buffy and somewhat inspired by the fact that I seriously need to get my priorities straight and not put so much time and effort in to thinking what to wear on Halloween.

White Lies - Farewell To The Fairground
Dark and mysterious. White Lies always gives me a dangerous sort of vibe.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Speaking of spooky songs, Muse can definitely take home a trophy in that category. I have finally gotten over my dislike for this song, after it was stuck on my mp3 on never ending unstoppable repeat, right before the poor device croaked.

K's Choice - Not An Addict
The ambiance of this song is perfect for a dark October night. Sure its about addiction, but at the same time it's something I could definitely hear on a Buffy episode.

Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have To Love
I know at this point you are probably confused, none of the songs on this list are festively "Halloween." However for me, in a strange way Halloween has a semi romantic and melancholy mood. I am not superstitious but sometimes I wish I could believe in ghosts and things that go bump in the night...I find that stuff strangely appealing, and no not on a Twilight level...So anyway this song is probably as "aggressive" as Conor Oberst ever gets but it also conveys great loneliness.

She Wants Revenge - These Things
They are the most disturbing band, all their songs involve serial killers, or just disturbed people in general...and yet I love them.

October 13, 2009

Alphabeat - The Spell

New Alphabeat song! And I am excited in a semi cheese ball sort of way. I will admit I loved their last album, but it still conjured up awkward images of "High School Musical." This new single is less show tune inspired and launches Alphabeat out of the 1960s and into the 1980s. I'm sure if I like it yet, honestly if someone said this was a late eighties dance track I'd believe them, and that's what's unsettling. I am getting really sick of this eighties trend, seriously what was so great about shoulder pads plastic jewelry and Boy George anyway!? Although the more I listen to the song the more I like it...god damn the eighties with all it's tacky musical addictions!

Erik Hassle - Hurtful

I don't like this single as much as "Don't Bring Flowers" but it has more mainstream appeal than the first song. However the song doesn't blow me away.

NEW Ladyhawke!

The song is called "Magic" and I dig it.

October 12, 2009

Murs - The Science Video

One of the most creative MCs I have heard in a very long time. The song is just too cool, a mixture between Immortal Technique and Gill Scott Heron.

THE SCIENCE VIDEO feat. MURS in HD from Erick Peyton on Vimeo.

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - Bag of Hammers

It's a cute song, the only thing that bothers me is the waste of completely good ice cream in the middle of the video...that was painful to watch.

October 10, 2009

TheMusicGeek is a sell out and has a Twitter...did you know?

Yes I hate Twitter, but I have one and had for a couple of months. I still don't really get the point especially since I am one of the few and the proud who shun mobile devices for the most part..yeah yeah I know I should join the 21st century, but I REFUSE! Mostly it's just a tool I use to link my blog posts to other areas of the interweb so more people know I exist. However I occasionally post things about giant spiders in my basement and smelly guys who sit next to me on the bus. So if you are a Twitter addict you can find me under:

ItsTheMusicGeek at

You know just in case you really really can't get enough of me and are bordering on stalking me, which is all good till get my phone number and address....

More new Tiesto this time featuring Emily Haines of Metric

This new Tiesto album is looking better and better, Tegan and Sara, Emily Haines of Metric, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party and The Cary Brothers are all featured.

Pac Div - The Mayer

Pac Div (Pacific Division) is a hardworking LA residing rap trio. Another group of rappers who I think can carry the West Coast torch for awhile. October seems like the month of the West Coast. After a long of summer of no decent West Coast noise, it seems as if Cali rappers are coming out of the shadows and putting the Midwest, South and NYC in its place.

The Dodos - Fables

Indie darlings the Dodos newest single. I like.

Miz Metro

A strange mixture of rockabilly, ska and pop...they are pretty good.

Telepathe - So Fine

School of Seven Bells plus some Bat For Lashes thrown in...I like!

October 9, 2009

Suckers...More Williamsburg Hipster Weirdos.

I love New York City with the big exception of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Why must you ask? Because a certain breed of New Yorker comes out of Williamsburg that I am always stereotyped for...unfortunately. They are called hipsters and they are ruining indie music. Sure there are a ton of good bands that come out of Williamsburg: MGMT, Chairlift, Grizzly Bear...by the way they are all hipsters. However for every MGMT you get these guys...they are called "Suckers" and Under The Radar just named them a band to watch. And you can sure "watch" them but I advise you set your volume to mute. They do have the drunken Homor Simpson like singing thing down though.

California has Finally Answered.

His name is Tyga and he is no Snoopdog/NWA/Pac wannabee...he is himself! I am floored thank you god!! After Nipsey was considered the solution to the lack of California rappers I wanted to cry. I'm glad Tyga has come around...it proves Compton still has talent. Tyga is associated with young Money (Lil Wayne's label) and decaydance, a traditional punk/emo label.

So he isn't rapping about the most heavy material here...he is no NWA...but hey he's young and at least he had talent, unlike Nipsey Hussle.

Kelly Clarkson gains some serious indie cred - no really!

Kelly tends to make pop fluff but who knew she listened to The Kings of Leon, Alanis Morissette and The White Stripes? Ok maybe not the indiest of indie...especially Kings of Leon and Morissette but I still enjoyed watching the covers. She actually did the songs justice.

Silly Kissers - Halloween Summer

I am sort of mixed on my feelings about this song. I didn't like the beginning vocals but I like the chorus...I'll wait for some of their other material.

Clues - Perfect Fit

Montreal is full of indie weirdos. When members of the long deceased legendary indie band The Unicorns, hook up with the most over-hyped white people favorited indie band Arcade Fire (and yes I have Neon Bible and their debut) plus indiest of indie band Think About Life...you get...CLUES! I can't say I like the song too much, but I will be patient, I think that also has to do with the fact that I was never a Unicorns fan...I tried to like them, I seriously did...no dice.

Clipse is kinda like a big deal.

And he has Kanye backing him just to add to the list of up and coming rappers being sold by Mr West. I will say for all of Kanye's douche baggyness the man has good taste.

Kind Of Like A Big Deal

I'm Good

October 8, 2009

Wale - World Tour

I scoffed when this guy debuted with a Lady Gaga hook...but then this song came around and I think I am coming around as well.

Best Colaboration Ever? Tiesto feat. Tegan and Sara

If there is such a thing as too much awesome I think I've reached it.

Gucci Mane and Plies Fail AGAIN...maybe next time they shouldn't make a rap song WASTED

Yeah maybe Gucci Mane and Plies should stop drinking that "purple stuff" they say they're drinking in their new song "Wasted." Or maybe the concept is you can't enjoy the song unless you are completely plastered...whatever its is...I think after listening to this I am going to need a drink.

N.E.R.D. Jumps on the Black Eyed Peas Sell Out Bandwagon

Guess who is adding a sexy new female singer to their iconic semi -hipster-ish musical line up! Ohhh great do I smell another Fergie? I really really hope not. I guess I really shouldn't be judging their new "sound" before it debuts...but I am really not looking forward to a "Fergalicious version 2.0" I can't even stand version 1.

I just hope they don't lose their sound...

October 7, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: Superbus

Well under appreciated in the US-of-A at least. They are pretty big in France they are sort of like No Doubt with a hotter brunette Gwen Stefani and better music. I do like No Doubt...no so much Gwen after that...

Songs I Am Listening to Right Now!

Here are some songs I am currently addicted to at the moment, whether old or new

Matt Pond PA - Grave's Disease
I don't know what it is about Matt Pond PA. I can listen to one of their albums in its entirety decide which songs are my favorites listen to those for weeks, come back to the same album months later listen to it again and pick a whole new set of "favorite" songs!

Zaho - Kifn'dir
my favorite Rn'B francophone songstress.

Plushgun - Dancing in a Minefield
This guy NEVER gets his due. Do him a favor pick up his debut album, you won't be disappointed. I actually discovered him through the internet show "We Need Girlfriends." Check that out as well.

The Cool Kids - I'm Mikey (I Rock)
I am a sucker for the Cool Kids...and oh yes they do rock.

October 5, 2009

Instant Idol

When I first started this blog, I intended for it only to be about indie music. However, I soon found myself drawn to other genres of music that I found appealing and a bit taboo. As a recovering indie addict from High School, pop music became a natural obsession, mostly because I refused to listen to it for the better part of seven years (yes that's middle school and high school). So American Idol has also become a slight fixation of mine, not because I watch it --I don't, but I follow it. Here lies the difference.

To me the idea of watching people get all teary eyed and glammed up to sing unoriginal songs is a bit mundane. It's sort of like watching a beauty pageant, all glitter, no substance. So with the 1000th season of Idol upon us (well a few months away I guess?) I felt it was time for me to come out of the closet about the show. No, I don't hate it, but don't count me in as a fan either. I do resent it, mostly for allowing so many annoying spin offs that plague my television time...really, who watches "So You Think You Can Dance?" As someone who writes about music (obviously as a hobby..don't worry my ego is not eclipsing the sun --yet), I do find it hard to take winners and contestants of the show seriously as musicians.

To me, American Idol is less about music and more about "Star Power" it's instant fame. Furthermore, it's no surprise to me that the majority of runner ups and some winners quickly fade into obscurity, end up singing at state fairs, get dropped from their record labels, or end up hosting lame "Idol' themed shows on the TV Guide Channel. If the show was never about "the music" in the first place how does "Idol" expect the audience to remain interested in the "contestant's music" once the cameras are turned off and everyone is done with their scripted television sob stories?

It's true that Idol has also launched a few careers, we all know Kelly Clarkson, Carry Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and a few others. But for every Kelly there is a Justin Guarini, some sad has-been still trying to hold on to his name on the D list. I know its a bit harsh but let's be honest; if the all American girls and boys who audition for Idol really sincerely care about making music like they say when Ryan Seacrest interviews them at the auditions, they wouldn't be on Idol.

A person who really wants to make music and be known as an artist versus a celebrity is militant about getting that music heard, on MySpace, on Youtube, on mixtapes, on the street--they are not smiling for the cameras on Idol. People who want to be celebrities first and singers second are the ones who audition for Idol, that's why Justin is still hosting that stupid show on TV Guide and not making albums. And look I'm not talking about multi-platinum records here, as we all know a great album is an accomplishment within itself whether a million people hear it or a thousand. This is what American Idol has yet to grasp--music as an art form not as a tool of mass consumption.

So as we all turn on, tune in, and drop out for another season of American Idol, keep this in mind: would you still buy one of these contestant's albums if they were not associated with the show?

Far East movement and Wong Fu Productions dance like Michael Jackson

The Far East Movement is a rap group hailing from Los Angeles. They got together with Wong Fu Productions you may know them from Yellow Fever, to make this video from their single "Dance like Micheal Jackson." This video came out about a year ago, however it was just featured on Gossip Girl (tonight that is). Wong Fu and Far East Movement are both groups of hard working guys and gals and its nice to see hard work pay off for a change rather than connections. I have followed Wong Fu ever since I saw Yellow Fever about three years ago, check it out if you haven't seen it yet. The vid is posted below.

Under-Appreciated Band: The Kills

Not your average avant garde post punk revival garage rock band...in fact The Kills really cannot be explained by a bunch of conventional indie snob music labels. The only way to "get" the Kills' sound is to experience it for yourself. Their music isn't for everyone, but it has a very downtown New York City hipster appeal.

October 4, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra and Other Korean Addictions

Another embarrassing k-pop confession...it's so Auto-Tuned and yet I am hooked. I have listened to this song at least five times within the span of an hour...ohhh boy. I have a problem.

Brave Brothers feat. Son Dambi and Minwoo - Invisible
Another class track produced by the Brave Brothers and featuring Son Dambi...

Jiggy Fellaz, Double Trouble and Vasco - Yo Ye Yo
It's Korean rap.

October 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 8

Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire
I like old Nelly Furtado, that is "Whoa Nelly!" and "Folklore" her two lowest grossing albums...I guess that's why she called on Timbaland to work on her colossal third release. However this new latin album brings back memories of the highly underrated Folklore. I like.


Young Love - Discotech and Find A New Way
He can sing and the beat is great...but seriously STOP writing your own songs. This is why Young Love is on my guilty pleasures list, he can sing, its well produced but the song writing is too lame.

Hilary Duff - Stranger, Wake Up
Ok I know what you are thinking..."MusicGeek! You have posted some pretty messed up artists in your sorry excuse for a blog...but this is the final straw! I am unsubscribing!" But please don't unsubscribe...I can explain...please!!! Although there is no excuse for the Hilary Duff music fetish, and she is a product of the fascist Disney music machine, some of her songs are quite catchy. And she is no Miley Cyrus...I mean at least she can carry a tune.


Wake Up

Timbaland - Throw it On Me, and Time
This is from his extremely pretentious album. it got slammed by critics but I thought the collaborations with The Hives and She Wants Revenge were quite good.

Throw It On Me

Natalie Imbruglia - Want
I'm a sucker for Natalie. She may be a pop artist but she has some depth at least...then again I just listed Hilary Duff above her so anyone that comes after Hilary has more depth! Her newest single from her up coming album, is miles better than her first single "Wild About It." Its dark and brooding, and I like it even though its co-written by Chris Martin.


Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
She has been compared to Amy Winehouse, and they both have powerful voices, however that's where the similarities end. Amy's style is much messier, and that's how she rose to fame, her sloppy take on soul, Galbriella is more cleaned up. Although she lacks Winehouse's edginess she has her own take on the genre playing up her "good girl gone bad image." I would also like to point out that Gabriella is only 18! And her voice is already so powerful! Unlike the Disney brood (although I do have Hilary up there) Gabriella gets by on her talent, not her daddy and preteen fan base. Take that Miley Cyrus.

Sweet About Me

Son Dambi - Cry Eye
Stupid song title but oh so catchy. Son Dambi definitely my favorite Korean pop singer at the moment.

T-ara & Supernova 티아라 & 초신성 - TTL Time to Love
Yeah so the beginning of the MV kind of reminds me of 2PM's "Again and Again" and the Supernova is sort of like a Big Bang rip off, but I like the song.

2NE1 - Pretty One
I love them, they kind of remind 0f the Korean version of TLC...

Weekend in Toronto

I will be in Toronto for a few days so posts will be irregular.

October 1, 2009

October Playlist

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch
Yeah, yeah so everyone has heard Lazy eye, and I'm sure a good percentage of you have heard "Panic Switch" as well. Except I hadn't yet...Shelly posted this on my facebook a week ago, and I loved it.

Dappled Cities - The Price I like the orchestral sound mingling with the Morrisey-like lead singer.

Red Riders
- Ordinary
I have been listening to this all September, I like the jangly guitar riffs.

Josh Pyke
- You Don't Scare Me A bit quirky and kind of cute.

W & Whale
- I Was Born To Rock
I am pretty sure this was for a GAP commercial in Korea just because of their clothing...but I like the song.

Cage - I Never Knew You
One seriously disturbing song about a man so obsessed with a woman he begins to stalk her and ultimately kills her. Cage is one twisted lyricist, but his songs are graphic stories that must be heard.

Brother Ali - Us
Just a good rap track, an instant hip hop classic.

Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me
Obnoxious name and creepy looking guy, but once he opens his mouth and starts belting, it doesn't even matter.