September 17, 2011

More Florence and The Machine

If you haven't heard already, Florence and The Machine has a new album ("Ceremonials") coming out on October 31st. This is their latest release from the album:

My favourite B-side from her last album:

September 8, 2011

September Playlist

Taking 19 credit hours and working sucks. But you all probably know that too.

Lana Del Rey - Video Game
This is art.

M83 - Midnight City
Played it 50 times over the course of the week. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

Marina and the Diamonds

Ok ok ok so I'm a little obsessed with marina and diamonds, but her music is so honest! She sings songs about things I think about myself all the time.

The Cool Kids - Bundle Up

Sort of old/new it was released in did I let it slip, I don't know. But hey I'm posting it now.

Girls Generation - Mr Taxi (Japanese version)

Yeahhhh it's K pop yeahhh you know I'm obsessed, but this was definitely one of the catchiest songs I've heard allll summer. And hey K pop is cool now (at least according to NYLON) and when Nylon posts things you know its cool...well cool in two years or so...