September 30, 2009

Under-Appreciated Artist: PJ Harvey

She is so under the radar but she has created some of the best indie folk of the last decade. I also have a soft spot for her because I ended up kissing a boy I really liked--at the time, while "One Line" was playing in the background. So yeah...just listen. And yes, I know "One Line" was also used in a Gilmore Girls season finale...believe me, the kissing of this boy was very calculated so its not coincidental. I so totally planned it out...which obviously doesn't make sound as cool as if it had been a spontaneous move on my part. Ohhhh well.

Showden - Black Eyes

I really like this. It reminds me of some of the pubs I went to in Paris when I was seventeen, and just out of high school. I had the cliche "I hate high school" experience just like everyone else, but I also had a plan on how to reward myself after it was all over. I had already saved up money for a Euro trip since I was in third grade. So I skipped prom, and class day and used those days to plan my itinerary for France and Germany. Then on graduation I hopped on a plane and flew to Paris. The more and more I write about this the more and more I feel like a stereotype...I'll stop babbling now...just listen to the song.

September 29, 2009

Julian Plenti - Games For Days

I really dig this song. And take a close look at the woman in the video, its Emily Haines from Metric! The location of the video "The Hotel Waverly" is also right near the University of Toronto.

Rain Machine

TV On The Radio guitarist Kyp Malone's solo project. I must say, I prefer TV On The Radio to this but Kyp is definitely not afraid of experimentation. I only wish this track "Give Blood" was cleaner. It is a bit too muddled and distorted for my liking. However after a few listens it's growing on me.

Buffalo Band Profile: Lemuria

Lemuria is an indie/punk Buffalo band with a very eccentric sound--in a good way. A bit ninties college rock, a bit grungey and a tad twee pop. They are like the love child between Deathcab For Cutie and Jawbreaker.

Check out their myspace HERE

Lemuria is a mythical ancient civilization, why did you name yourselves after it?
- I (Alex) have always been very interested in ancient civilizations, especially ones that are on the cusp of being mythical and there are people currently on payrolls attempting to discover. This was my favorite mythical, or maybe mythical, continent that sort of exists.

What motivated you to form a band and how long have you been together?
- Sheena and I have been best friends for a very long time now, and it only seemed natural to start a band together because we were comfortable writing with each other. We formed about 5 years ago, in the fall of 2004.

Your sound is heavily rooted in punk and indie rock, what bands would you say helped shaped your music the most?
- Bands like Leatherface, Jawbreaker, Superchunk, Jawbox, Sebadoh, and many others have really influenced us. On tour, music from the 90's are what we all usually agree on listening to in the van. Even though we are constantly getting into new artists, these are the bands that really shaped our lives.

What would you say makes your music special or different? What sets you apart from the crowd?
- I think the personal dynamic that I have with Sheena has made our band slightly odd. Sheena and I used to be in a romantic relationship when we were younger, that eventually ended and our personal friendship has been unlike any relationship I've ever had with anybody. Our music definitely amplifies that awkwardness sometimes, but I don't think it's a negative thing.

Where do you derive inspiration from to write a song? Do you find yourself more inclined to write about real things that have happened to you, or fictional stories?
- Every song is inspired from our real lives. Some are familial inspirations, others are relationships with significant others. Occasionally we have songs about human behavior.

The song "Who would understand a turtle" is quite an interesting title and also one of my favorite songs on your MySpace. Where did the idea for the song come from?
- That song is actually a tour story from when we were on tour with Kind of Like Spitting. We were driving from Chicago to Dekalb, IL...from show to show. The night before we played a show in Chicago and Sheena and I had a big argument. While driving the next we were all in different vehicles on the road, close to each other on the highway because some of our friends were traveling with us. I wasn't in the same vehicle as Sheena but I really wanted to resolve the situation. I wrote the song on the trip, I also ran from car to car during a slight traffic jam not realizing the traffic was moving much faster than I thought it was and I barely made it to the other car! There is actually a video somewhere that my friend Mike took of me running. Sort of silly.

You are a relatively well established indie band, with a national following. Many musical acts of similar size tend to relocate to larger cities like New York or Austen, why has Buffalo remained your home base?
- Buffalo is comfortable, and the cost of living is very cheap. It allows us to do what we love artistically and be able to tour without having to worry about ridiculously high rents at home. It's also close to our families and it offers a lot of the same luxuries that bigger cities do. I love this city!

How has the Buffalo indie scene changed since you have been a band?
- It hasn't changed very much. It's been pretty consistent. There is always ups and downs with the hardcore scene, which oddly enough was our original audience because that was the crowd of people we knew and ended up playing shows with a lot of hardcore bands. The scene is very supportive and we are very grateful to be a part of it.

And furthermore, do you think the Buffalo independent music scene has the potential to become nationally known (like Chapel Hill, or Austen)?
- I think it definitely does. I know a lot of artists who have recently moved to Buffalo from the New York City area for the reason that we live here. It's cheap! So cheap that they don't have to work 2 jobs to get by and try to find a way to still do what makes them happy with the few spare hours they have a week. We pay $75 for a huge practice space that has 24 hour access, which is a fantastic deal. A lot of bands to pay nothing because they just practice in their attic or basement here.

As an independent band, you are especially susceptible to shifts in the economic climate. How has the recession impacted you? Has it influenced the type of music you write? Your touring schedule? Has it forced you to travel more/less?
- I think during a recession, artists sometimes gain attention and support because people are cutting down on large luxuries and involving themselves in less expensive things. So maybe instead of taking that European vacation, people are just going to settle to go to a few shows here and there that month. We travel about the same amount as when we started the band, but the recession hasn't really impacted us. It seems like a lot of older bands are reuniting and playing music these days as a result of the recession as well. Ultimately we play music for fun though! Whether we're making money or not, we'll all personally be involved in the music community.

Also be sure to check out other bands featured in the Buffalo Band Project series, just click on the label below or in the left hand section of the blog guessed it "LABELS!"

September 28, 2009

Cut City - Such Verve

It sounds a bit like The Stone Roses and The Smiths. I really dig the brit pop meets post-punk sound.

The Wannadies - You And Me

I like this...even if it is a bit naive and idealistic. I think that's the concept of the song though.

September 27, 2009

Groups That Annoy Me: The Dead Weather

Jack White must be King Midas because every single project he's on becomes "musical gold." To the critics at least. Yeah yeah so I subscribe to Spin magazine and his band was on the cover for the May issue about two months after the surprise announcement that it even existed.

And if I sound like I'm in a bitchy mood...its because I AM! I have a World History test tomorrow taught by a prof who has smoked so much weed during the year of 1967 I'm not even sure he knows what decade he's in. I am so SICK of hearing about how EVIL capitalism is and how great Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are...what about micro loans in Africa buddy? That's CAPITALISM is that EVIL too? By the way I want to make it very clear that I am a liberal but this prof has gone so far off the deep end I am one step away from bringing in "The Patriot's Guide of American History" to class to tick him off...but I also want an A, so I have to compromise my outspokenness to get that stupid letter on my transcript.

However, I do not write a political blog...I write a music blog, so I will stop ranting about things are out of my control and focus on bashing rock stars who could care less about my existence. So getting back to the bitching at hand, just like "Girls," I DON'T GET IT. I mean there are some very talented musicians in this group and I am a huge Kills fan and all but when it all comes together it simply doesn't work. Sometimes I think music magazines praise White because he's JACK WHITE and can do nooooo wrong. I guess criticizing White at this point is kind of like saying that The Beatles might have not been the greatest rock band ever...GASP! You see, it doesn't go over well.

However, I am still small and insignificant enough to say that the first single "I Cut Like A Buffalo" is terrible. The beginning has potential with its sort of dub and ska infused acoustics but then White and Mosshart start singing...and it all goes downhill from there. There is no musical progression, and lyrics are idiotic, forgive me for not seeing the "meaning behind the music." And I know Spin went into a lengthy discussion with White and Mosshart about the meaning of the song, however I would like to point out that a shitty song is still a shitty song, regardless of if you sell yourselves as mainstream pop or "alternative/blues/indie rock." Being artsy and misunderstood does not exempt you from stupid lyrics like "you know I look like a women but I cut like a buffalo" no matter how "abstract" you may pawn off the song to be. In the end it's still lyrical diarrhea.

Ok I am done with my bitch-fest. Back to studying "the conspiracy theories" from a history textbook that was last updated in seriously.

The new k-pop girl group called....HAM?

No seriously their name is HAM!!!!! Of course it's an acronym standing for "Heart And Mind" but still...HAM!?After ranting about how stupid the name 4minute was yesterday I thought I couldn't find anything more pathetic, but after watching the new teaser for this upcoming group I have been proven wrong. They look a bit like Avril Lavigne-esqe Hot Topic girls and then all the sudden their name comes on the screen, paraded on what seems to be a "Spam Container" and then you read the word HAM. WHO THE HELL IS NAMING THESE GROUPS!? Because in my mind it appears to be the same person, that Mad TV used to make fun of in the "uh oh hot dog!" skits.

Found The whole vid...but I am not impressed. The song is called T.T Dance? Whatever the hell that means...I am still a bit lost. The song needs some serious work too. they are being pulled in all sorts of different directions, they have the "mall punk" image going on but the semi happy/ hip hopish/ rockish directionless mess of a poorly produced and written track.

4minute the 2NE1 Rip Offs

This is a relatively new girl group that is piggy backing off of the success of Korean hip hop girl group 2NE1. The song "Muzik" is catchy...and I probably will end up listening to it since at this point I am a K pop fiend, but its not quality. And on another note what the fuck is up with these K pop group names??? We have 2pm, 2am, 2NE1, 4minute and then all the strange names like Big Bang, Supernova, Wonder Girls, Super Junior...who the hell is naming these groups?! I can just imagine South Korean record executives sitting in a room with an English-Korean dictionary randomly combining English words and pop phrases until they find something "marketable." And that's how you get an idiotic name like "4minute" not even "4 minutes" no, just "4minute."

September 26, 2009

Snob Scrilla - There You Go Again

I like this. It's kind of strange hybrid between rap and rock...I hesitate about calling it rap-rock because it stirs up references to Limp Biscuit--and I HATE Limp Biscuit. However, I can also really relate to this song. I never wanted a conventional life; to settle down, have kids move to the suburbs and punch the clock. However, sometimes when I look at other people my age and what their doing and where I am I feel like I want all the wrong things. I want to travel, to move around, to see things, have a couple of affairs, have a career that takes me places, but marriage and a family are just two things that have never really appealed to me...

Jay-Z - Forever Young

Forever Young is one of my favorite songs (especially the Youth Group remake...check it out, I'll post it below). This cover is from The Blueprint 3, Jay Z's newest album, and I have to say even though I'm not a big Jay-Z fan, I like it. It also makes me wonder the meaning behind the song (for Jay-Z) because he is on the cusp of his fortieth birthday and has definitely passed the torch down to younger artists like Kanye, Rihanna and Kid Cudi. Although his influence will live on, he is edging towards middle age, and is now more of a mentor for younger hip hop stars than an innovator. Although he seems to be far from retirement (even though he did claim The Black Album would be his last like five years ago) he still must wonder when his career will end.

Jay-Z's Cover

Youth Group's Cover

Under-Appreciated Band: Travis

A band that was wrongfully labeled "brit pop" during the mid nineties brit pop explosion. Travis managed to outlive and outlast Blur and Oasis's glory days (and I am an Oasis fan but their last three albums have been horrible. And now Noel has left, again and we all know Liam can't write for shit). Their sound is still evolving, and they have created some really great records.

True 2 Life - Who The Fuck Is This?!

With the Biggie hook and the retro sound this track could have been made in 94. New York is bringing it lately...just waiting for the West coast to catch up.

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever

Drake pulls out the big guns to prove he's a ligit rapper...and fails. Seriously dude when Eminem owns you on your own track there is something wrong. After reading some columns about the "Drake conspiracy theory" I am starting to become a believer. It seems more and more as if Drake is a corporate created rapper. He can't bring it on his own tracks even though everyone keeps claiming he's the next best thing to sliced bread. And if I get one more person telling me that Drake is selling singles because he's Canadain I am going to scream. What about K-OS? Kardinal Official? Sweatshop Union? there are PLENTY of better Canadian why is Drake the only one to get press coverage? Is it the fact that Weezy is backing him? The so called "best rapper in the world?" Please. After listening to this track and then watching the video it is clear to me that every other MC featured on the song outdoes Drake in the end, especially Em at the very end. I wonder if Eminem just decided to be on the track so that he could reclaim his post as best mainstream rapper of the present on Drake and Weezy's own turf...

September 25, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: The Black Keys

There never was a band so respected and yet so underground. This two piece blues band definitely redefines the meaning of cool. Yeah sure everyone loves the White Stripes for being artsy and withdrawn, but the Black Keys are just above all the rest.

Your Touch

Just Got To Be

September 24, 2009

Songs that Annoy My Parents

So I am living with the folks again, and I am not enthused. After two years of essentially having my own "space" I am now sharing a roof with two perpetually anal people. Don't get me wrong I love my parents -- I do, but I also love spending time AWAY from my parents. Take this scenario:

Dad: You have a doctor's appointment today right?

MusicGeek: Yep, right after class.

Dad: So what are you going to talk to the doctor about?

MusicGeek: Um I don't know refilling my prescription of Zoloft?

Dad: Anything else? You know these doctor appointments cost money, and we can maximize the amount of money we save on health insurance if you can address multiple health concerns during your appointment.

MusicGeek: But I don't have any other health concerns...

Dad: Aw c'mon you can tell me if you do. If I had erectile dysfunction I would tell my doctor--I don't, but if I did I would!

MusicGeek: (mouth is agape cannot talk, trying to repress horrible thoughts)

So yeah...I love my dad but sometimes he divulges way too much information for me to handle.

Another thing that annoys is me is coming home from school. At UofT I would come back to a nice empty dorm room, I wouldn't be bombarded with "how was your day!" and "how was class?" and "tell us all about your professors!" I know, I know, its great that my parents want to take such an active role in my life! Please make it stop. I hate it when they go all "after school special" on me. Sometimes I pretend we are on the Andy Griffith Show and I'm female form of course. So, in reaction to living at home I have retreated to the basement, to hang out with all the spiders and centipedes while typing papers and blog posts on my laptop at night. My parents don't bother me down here, but as an extra precaution I also "parent proof" my music. It creates a wall of sound that keeps my folks pretty much a 100 kilometer distance away from me at all times. The tip to creating a parent proof playlist? Make sure you choose songs that you like (obviously or else its pointless) but are also slightly annoying. This way you can enjoy your alone time, and your folks will let you.

So here is mine:

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane
Love this song, but after awhile the wailing from the girls in the background gets a bit obnoxious. However whenever I play this my folks NEVER want to be around me.

Alphabeat - Fascination
They are so happy! TOO HAPPY. Ever heard the phrase kill them with kindness? Well this is like a lethal sugar overdose. Although I should mention, they made one kick ass album.

NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Oh yes I am hitting below the belt. Whenever I blast this from my room or Fuck Da Police...or any NWA for that matter, my parents' noses begin to scrunch up. I will admit, I just ranted about Letoya's song being derogatory towards women and this song is like a thousand times worse...however since NWA is not talking about a "specific female" and basically they are cursing left and right at everyone, police, other guys, people in general I don't get as offended.

The Apples in Stereo - Can You Feel It?
Oh my parents sure can...and they are not Apples fans that's for sure.

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
I feel like such a "white person" when I listen to this song. And before you get all offended the white person reference is to a book called "Stuff White People Like" I got it for my birthday from friends at UofT and it unfortunately explains my whole life. However getting back to the song, the lead singer's voice entering my parents' ears is as good as a fog horn...I happen to like this album however.

September 23, 2009


I would like to thank my mom, my sister, my dad and...BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME! Thank you Kanye West.

And thank YOU for reading my blog! it means a lot.

Alpinestars - Burning Up

I just discovered them today. I like them, a lot. Again, this isn't for everyone.

USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - Anti Venom

My close friend Shelly posted this on my facebook profile and it rocks. I liked the old album and I have done a blog post or two on older USS stuff, but now I'm just waiting to listen to the newest album!

September 22, 2009

Phoenix - 1901

Its just an awesome song. However, did Phoenix listen to a ton of Strokes albums or something? Their sound is all over this track.

Air - Sing Sang Sung

The new album Love 2 is being released in early October. The song is cheery and pretty decent shoegaze, but personally I still lust after the ultra dark and murky "Playground Love."

Sing Sang Sung

Check out Playground Love below.

Muse - Uprising

First, let me mention that I have been listening to The Resistance non-stop since Sunday. I would have started earlier but "Knights of Cydonia" is the song that my mp3 was stuck on for days before it died (as I mentioned before) so I was a tad "Mused out." However, I am getting my taste back for Muse at a rapid rate, if my consumption of their newest album is any proof. This is their video for uprising, and I really love the song. Muse always knows how to push the envelope, they are progressive but not too avant garde with just the right amount of Freddy Mercury thrown in.

Going To School Playlist

I am borrowing my sister's mp3 for the time being...and she is not enthused. However the majority of music she has on it is mine to begin with. You see am a terrible older sibling and I force her to listen to Bloc Party, Rilo Kiley, and Cut Copy...while she prefers Taylor Swift. Before I left for University I gave her my entire album collection (all my stuff is on my computer anyway). She still can't stomach Neutral Milk Hotel, or The Shins, or Santigold...but we are making progress. Now that I am back I can at least steal her mp3 for a bit...she doesn't mind...THAT MUCH. So this is music I tend to play on the way to school...and while I'm there. I tend not to talk to people. I guess I should be more social, I have exited my "I hate people" phase that comes with teen angst. I think I just don't like to put in the extra effort, which makes me appear cold and distant.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
When I wake up I tend to try to listen to something dancey versus mellow, just because it is more effective at waking me up.

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning
I love Ladyhawke, I have featured the song "My Delirium" at least twice in some of my earliest blog posts. She always puts me in a good mood.

Ash - Girl from Mars
I fell in love with this song in ninth grade, and it never gets old.

Damien Rice - Delicate
When I am heading to school on the subway and it's crowded, and I'm standing and I just want to tune out the noise. Damien rice's songs are mellow and beautiful but resonate above all of the background noise.

Stefy - Hey School Boy
Yes, the most politically incorrect song to have on this list, but I dig it! I had them on my guilty pleasures list for a reason, they are addictive.

September 21, 2009

Under-Appreciated Artist - Robyn

I am such a fan girl. This is like my zillionth Robyn post, but her voice is one that deserves to be heard. Robyn was discovered at the age of 14 and was immediately groomed for super stardom. She soon became one of the blonds of the nineties, competing with Britney and Christina for the lime light. However, Robyn is a creative soul, and was dissatisfied with her pop "label." Soon, she was writing and producing her own music for her follow up record, however her record label did not like her new sound. So Robyn decided to break free of her corporate shackles and form her own label: Konichiwa Records. Her last album is probably one of my favorite albums of the last three years, its edgy, catchy and definitely underrated. You may roll your eyes and think Robyn is just some pop fluff has-been, but you're wrong. Robyn has become one of the most innovative artists of the last decade, mixing electronic, indie and power pop.

So once again -- here's Robyn.

Spin says "Girls" is the best new band of 2009?

...Um that's the huge news, and after listening to a few of their songs I really really don't get it. The lead singer's voice sounds like he is always congested, the lyrics are pretentious, and purposely "poetic" in that annoying "I'm a musician therefore I need to be taken seriously" sort of way, and really guys maracas? I am just waiting for them to start holding hands and letting their long hippie hair sway in the breeze while singing kumbaya. With lyrics like "I take the key in my hand and it takes the pain away hey hey" sung to much applause and acclaim I'm starting to feel as if I should just praise them so I don't get noses turned up at my blog by indie music snobs. I guess I'm not refined enough to appreciate their hippie folksy annoying whiny brand of indie rock. I also haven't smoked enough dope.


September 20, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: The Pigeon Detectives

Along with The View and a few other UK bands, the Pigeon Detectives are one of the few remaining acts from Brit pop's "second coming" still making waves. The early 2000s produced some of the best British indie rock anyone had experienced in years, acts like The Libertines, Razorlight, Maximo Park and many more. Most are still around (except The Libertines of course), however, they are not generating the same rave reviews and press coverage they once had. The Pigeon Detectives are a bit younger than the first wave, coming to the forefront in the mid-2000s, I listened to them a lot (along with all the other bands listed above) in high school. The Pigeon Detectives are still making great jangly Brit infused garage rock, that sounds as if its from a bygone era. I would definitely recommend giving them some of your time.

Letoya tries to be a class act ends up just being trashy.

The song needs some serious work to begin with and the music video just adds to the overall sleaze appeal. Its not that the dancing is horrible, what I have a problem with is the garish makeup! Geez Letoya is a pretty attractive woman, whats with the overdone face and the ridiculous hair style at the beginning, it makes her look like a drag queen. I also have a problem with the message of the song, with lines like "you ain't gonna let this little stray bringing fleas round here" and the chorus of "that hooOOOoooOOO..." I think it's wrong that the song is directed at the other woman and not at the man. Sorry to go all "feminist" on all of you, but I really can't stand it when women sing about other women in a derogatory way, it only gives men permission to do the same. The other complaint I have about the song is more of a stylistic nature, Letoya has a decent voice and her niche definitely is Rn'B but her sound is predictable and overplayed. Her songs are all about cheating boyfriends, and love in general, they all have the same hooks and beats of Rn'B divas that came before her. One minute she's Beyonce, the next she's Ciara. I'm waiting for her to be herself, and maybe come out with some edgier material. Also, just because you have a "voice for Rn'B" that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be confined to that genre. It would be nice to see some branching out.

Iliona Blanc and Emma Daumas

Two francophone singers who have a good deal of quirkiness. Just some more French artists to add to the blog! Check out my posts on Zaho, Soha, BB Brune, Mellisa M, as well as "French artists worth taking note of" for more.

Iliona Blanc
- Les temps sont durs

Emma Daumas - J'suis conne

Twilight has ruined my favorite bands!!!

First Muse jumped on the bandwagon, then Death Cab For cutie said they would write a track, then Thom Yorke...and now Band of Skulls and Grizzly Bear....WHY!???? I will admit, I have never read the books, I have never watched the movies, something about sparkly vampires that twinkle in the sunlight and have feelings and emotions is off putting to me. I prefer my vampires to kick ass and kill people, I guess I'm just more of a Buffy fan; where the vampires were hotter, they were badder, and there were way more R rated sex scenes (sorry but its so true). So now, after the entire soundtrack has been announced I have felt a bit betrayed by my favorite bands. And look I know everyone needs to make a buck once in a while, especially indie artists, and the movie soundtrack is usually a great way to promote indie bands. However, usually the music is used tastefully in a small budget film, or an artsier movie, not TWILIGHT. I guess this only scares me because Twilight is associated with so many things that churn my stomach, like Hot Topic, and screaming, crying, Edward Cullen loving girls...who will soon be attending indie concerts with me if they get their hands on that stupid album! I guess that's where the fear resonates from, the dread that when MY music (yes because I own it...ha) hits their ears, they will become addicted and start going to shows and buying records until INDIE becomes the new EMO and we all know how MTV ruined that genre. All I am hoping for at this point, is for that Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie to become a reality so Buffy can kick some major Twilight ass.

September 19, 2009

Julian Casablanca's Solo Album

There have been rumors circling around about this album for months, and then the tracks were leaked to YouTube only to be taken down hours later. Now Spin has legitimately released one of the singles "11th Dimension."

I think, Julian is definitely trying to establish an identity for himself outside of The Strokes, which is hard to do if you are the lead singer of the band, because everyone associates your voice with the "trademark sound." However, I think the level of experimentation on this track somewhat surpasses anything The Strokes have done collectively. The synths give the tune an eighties dance vibe, but Julian's droll voice tones it down a bit. I like it almost as much as I like Julian's hair and dreamy eyes...and now I sound like a hormonal 14 year old.

September 17, 2009

OKOU - To the bone

Found this today, I am really digging the banjo mingling with singer's soulful voice. It has a vintage southern soul sound I really love. I can't believe Universal Music France is the only division to release it yet.

Emilie Simon - Dreamland

The Kate Bush influence is all over this track, but I can't say I mind it. The video is also quite good (the clip below is not the official vid). This song is definitely not for everyone, and if you can't stomach's Kate's nasally high pitched wail there is a chance you may find Emilie's voice just as annoying.


Is this a joke or something? I get that seventies funk and soul is in but this video...whoever produced and directed this should be fired. And the two singers really freak me out, they exaggerate all their expressions so they are almost I am almost fearful this is purposely supposed to be bad, and I am just not in on the joke. If that's the case...I guess I don't have a good sense of humor. YIKES.

September 16, 2009

Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers

A toned done MIKA? Maybe? Although I probably would attach him more to the "White Soul Boy Movement" with some eighties revival going on. The production on the song is pretty good, and it stays in your head. I like it, a lot.

Check this OUT.

Acid Trip Playlist

I am really not a druggie although my friends at the University of Toronto might dispute that...because that's what they do (Yes YOU Shelly, Emily, Eren, Eve...many more people). I guess if you consider caffeine addiction (no not caffeine PILLS just coffee!!) a serious problem...then I am.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Hazy, dreamy and not too crisp. It sort of sounds like walking through a cloud of marijuana a good way.

Neon Indian - I Don't Know If You Know
I have nooooo idea what the hell these guys are on, but it works.

Memory Cassette - Surfin
Semi trance inducing, and not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but then again most artists on this list are bit "off" than normal.

Southeast Engine - Black Gold
They are the next IT band, give it 5 months.

Ivy - Ocean City Girl
My ultimate chill out song...I played it on my mp3 a lot before it croaked. Still haven't gotten a new device yet.

Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body
Can you say acid trip playlist without this song? No, you really can't.

September 15, 2009

Pill - Glass

I have grown quite impatient with hip hop lately. I have been looking and looking for some cool new rappers to post on the blog because I haven't really done a decent hip hop post in a while (with the exception of ranting about artists I dislike...Tinchy). So I was tooling around on The Source's website as I do from time to time and they FINALLY have a new "unsigned hype" feature. His name is Pill, he's from Atlanta and reps the fourth ward which is a pretty hardcore part of town...and he is a bit better than "decent." Check him out.

PILL - GLASS from on Vimeo.