September 13, 2009

An Open Love Letter To Nickelback.

You are like the Celine Dion of rock, you are either loathed or hated, and you are Canadian! You are a band Canadians want to disown...but sadly just like Celine Dion you can get shipped off to Las Vegas but you'll always come back home. Your lyrics are questionable, and always leave me wondering "what the hell was on Joey's head?" You have a very devoted fan base, you have sold out concerts, even though all your songs sound exactly THE SAME. You are sort of like the bastard child of Nirvana and Hole, just as scruffy but with half the talent and twice the sleaze. And yet I love to hate you. In a town obsessed with Nickelback, you plague my radio stations, and sell tons of merchandise here, I am your lone hater. And I am proud. I will not be defeated...please don't egg my house.

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