September 1, 2009


I guess since Chris Brown is no longer marketable because he hits girls...and that was his prime consumer base, a new army of clones has sprung up over night, with varying levels of talent. Let's be honest here, Chris could never really sing, he whined. So I'm not sure I want another slew of Chris Browns polluting my airwaves, I mean I could barely handle one and that was pre-Rihanna beating.

Jaicko - Oh Yeah
Did Chris Brown grow an afro so we wouldn't recognize him? Seriously Chris we know its you...its ok to try to go incognito, just stop making shitty ring tone pop and you'll be ok.

Day26 - So Good
Ok so they may not look like Chris but their voices...suspicious!!!! I am seriously getting sick of male Rn'B singers with annoying whiny trailing voices. Where are my Al Greens and Marvin Gayes? What happened to male singers with strong, smooth sexy voices...Chris Brown is really not the greatest Rn'B singer ever he does not need to be imitated. And guys you really don't have to yodel and trail at the end of the song. I know its the trend in hip hop and pop albums and all but all best soul and Rn'B singers know when to stop...I hate over-singing COUGH Beyonce! Mariah Carey!

Mishon - Excuse Me Mama
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Maybe its not attack of the Chris Brown clones maybe its attack of the preteen munckins. And seriously kid with a song title like "Excuse Me Mama" what preteen girls are you going to get?

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