September 22, 2009

Going To School Playlist

I am borrowing my sister's mp3 for the time being...and she is not enthused. However the majority of music she has on it is mine to begin with. You see am a terrible older sibling and I force her to listen to Bloc Party, Rilo Kiley, and Cut Copy...while she prefers Taylor Swift. Before I left for University I gave her my entire album collection (all my stuff is on my computer anyway). She still can't stomach Neutral Milk Hotel, or The Shins, or Santigold...but we are making progress. Now that I am back I can at least steal her mp3 for a bit...she doesn't mind...THAT MUCH. So this is music I tend to play on the way to school...and while I'm there. I tend not to talk to people. I guess I should be more social, I have exited my "I hate people" phase that comes with teen angst. I think I just don't like to put in the extra effort, which makes me appear cold and distant.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
When I wake up I tend to try to listen to something dancey versus mellow, just because it is more effective at waking me up.

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning
I love Ladyhawke, I have featured the song "My Delirium" at least twice in some of my earliest blog posts. She always puts me in a good mood.

Ash - Girl from Mars
I fell in love with this song in ninth grade, and it never gets old.

Damien Rice - Delicate
When I am heading to school on the subway and it's crowded, and I'm standing and I just want to tune out the noise. Damien rice's songs are mellow and beautiful but resonate above all of the background noise.

Stefy - Hey School Boy
Yes, the most politically incorrect song to have on this list, but I dig it! I had them on my guilty pleasures list for a reason, they are addictive.

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