September 15, 2009

Cover Art: The Killers "I Got Soul" covered by "Young Soul Rebels"

Artists from the Island Records division of Universal Music group covered a new version of "I Got Soul" all funds of the selling of the single going to War Child. Young Soul Rebels consists of VV Brown, Frankmusik, MPHO, N-Dubz, Pixie Lott, Tinchy Stryder, Kid British, Chipmunk, McLean, Ironik, Domino Go, Bashy, Egypt, and the London Community Gospel Choir. I am already a pretty big Frankmusik and VV Brown supporter and I actually think the entire group did a good job remaking the single...even Tinchy. Although the video is sure corny. I mean I know its supposed to reminiscent of "We Are The World" and all but it's so sappy, and everyone in the video looks like they are giving themselves one big pat on the back and saying: "look at me! I am so deep! I like kids! I don't like wars! Look at me singing, I look so moved! Please buy my album..." So minus the barftastic cornball video the song is good.

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