September 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 7

SNSD - Gee!
Just a very well crafted pop song. From start to finish, the production is great, the girls can sing and if you get the translated version you realize the lyrics aren't horrible either. The only thing that has always bugged me about them is their "cute" act. These are girls my age and they all are forced to act like giddy 13 year olds...its kind of weird that that's considered sexy.

KARA - Break It
Before Sung Hee left the group they were tougher and more hip hop oriented than the other Korean girl groups out there. This was the KARA I liked, now they are doing the "cute" concept and its not working for me.

Fat Joe - Ain't saying Nothing
I think this track proves Fat Joe can rap. I found this last summer, and I don't even mind the video with the exception of the Plies cameo....could of done without that. I know its a stereotypical rap track, women, piles of money, cars, but the hook is hot and Fat Joe can rap so that makes up for the overall lameness of the content.

- Alla Som Inte Dansar
I think this is Swedish rap...I was never sure and the two guys in the video kind of look like child molesters but I dig the hook and the song.

Afasi & Filthy - Jobb
More Swedish rap, this time with a more electronic sound...I feel kind of ridiculous listening to hip hop I don't understand but its so catchy!

Melissa M - Cette Fois
I mentioned Melissa M in a blog post about French artists. I used to blast this in my room when no one was home.

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