September 21, 2009

Under-Appreciated Artist - Robyn

I am such a fan girl. This is like my zillionth Robyn post, but her voice is one that deserves to be heard. Robyn was discovered at the age of 14 and was immediately groomed for super stardom. She soon became one of the blonds of the nineties, competing with Britney and Christina for the lime light. However, Robyn is a creative soul, and was dissatisfied with her pop "label." Soon, she was writing and producing her own music for her follow up record, however her record label did not like her new sound. So Robyn decided to break free of her corporate shackles and form her own label: Konichiwa Records. Her last album is probably one of my favorite albums of the last three years, its edgy, catchy and definitely underrated. You may roll your eyes and think Robyn is just some pop fluff has-been, but you're wrong. Robyn has become one of the most innovative artists of the last decade, mixing electronic, indie and power pop.

So once again -- here's Robyn.

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