September 20, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: The Pigeon Detectives

Along with The View and a few other UK bands, the Pigeon Detectives are one of the few remaining acts from Brit pop's "second coming" still making waves. The early 2000s produced some of the best British indie rock anyone had experienced in years, acts like The Libertines, Razorlight, Maximo Park and many more. Most are still around (except The Libertines of course), however, they are not generating the same rave reviews and press coverage they once had. The Pigeon Detectives are a bit younger than the first wave, coming to the forefront in the mid-2000s, I listened to them a lot (along with all the other bands listed above) in high school. The Pigeon Detectives are still making great jangly Brit infused garage rock, that sounds as if its from a bygone era. I would definitely recommend giving them some of your time.

1 comment:

  1. I love this! I love brit rock. I guess the only ones I know are the Arctic Monkeys, and I've been looking for others who sound like them! I just downloaded all the songs available on LimeWire from these guys!