September 13, 2009

Punk Rock I can actually rock out to

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Against Me!
- Thrash Unreal
One of the best older punk bands out there...

The Bronx - History Stranglers
I used to blast this on my headphones on the bus in high school. One pissed off band.

The Thermals - Returning to The Fold
Nerdy indie punks add some much needed irony and sarcasm.

The Unseen - So Sick Of You
First heard it on The Warped Tour 2003 compilation CD...those were the days when Warped wasn't polluted with half assed acts like Millionaires and Jeffree Star.

The Casualties - On City Streets
Sometimes I think they are known more for their hair than their music...

Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King
not your average punk band...they are a GYPSY PUNK band!!! Ohhh yes

Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins
People never give them enough credit, but their Irish meets punk combination is so innovative, and really good drinking music.

Go Betty Go - Your Worst Enemy and No Hay Pardon
Ending with a solid girl punk group I used to listen to when I was eleven...don't laugh at me!

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