April 13, 2009

Best Angry Albums

10.Against me! "New Wave" I put this one at the bottom because I listen to this in many different types of moods besides anger but I cannot deny the fact that many songs on this album are fist shaking anthems at the government and society. They have been compared to black flag and other notable punk acts however Against me! develops albums that are much more layered than that. They have influences in folk rockers like Bob Dylan, and Grunge acts as well as death-rockers like the Misfits.

09.The Roots "Game Theory" this probably isn't a conventional choice either I'm sure someone would want to replace many of my selections with Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Danzig Albums...however I tend to listen to this album out of habit, not to mention it is well composed gripping and packed full of frustration and angst.

08.The Horrors "Strange House" this falls more into the sub genre of death-rock or horror punk which combines influences from goth and punk rock (think of bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees mixed with the ramones). But "Jack the Ripper" and "Sheena is a Parasite" are dark little songs that for some reason always make me feel better if I am extremely depressed.

07. NWA "Straight Outta Compton"...I think this one speaks for itself, yeah I know its a groundbreaking album expressing the social frustrations of disenfranchised African American Youth...but I'm not really thinking that deeply about the message when I'm listening to "Fuck Tha Police."

06. Sex Pistols "Never mind The Bullocks" in high school I hated mostly everyone on my bus so I would play this over and over again on my mp3 drowning out their sounds with Anarchy in the UK.

05. Anti-Flag "Mobilize" this was one of their live albums and in my opinion their best album before they sold out to a major record label. For a long time. Anti-Flag was the band to listen to if you wanted to "rebel" then they found a gimmick (songs about Bush) and ceased to be the awesome riot punk band they were in the early 2000's but this does not make this album any less awesome...and angry.

04. Bad Religion "The Empire Strikes First" although my two favorite songs from Bad Religion, "21st Century Digital Boy" and "I'm going for a walk" are not on this album, "Los Angeles is Burning," "Social Suicide," God's Love," and "Atheist Peace" are, thus the album makes up for it...the best album to listen to while exercising.

03. Damone "Out Here all Night" this is more garage punk/ girl noise but I can just imagine how pissed off the band members were when they wrote this album...they have had lots of reoccurring problems with their record label, and have been dropped a couple times in the past.

02. Bif Naked "Super Beautiful Monster" she is the queen of angry rock songs...

01. The Bronx "The Bronx" shitty future and History's Stranglers. That's all you need to listen to while kick boxing. And you'll be ok.

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