April 13, 2009

Girl Power! Girl Groups worth taking note of.

Florence and The Machine - "Kiss with a Fist" and "Dog Days are Over" if Lily Allen and Kate Nash ever decided to join a garage rock band this is what they would sound like.

Juliette and the Licks - "Pray for the Band Latoya", "Sticky Honey" and "Got Love to Kill" although the band has disintegrated and Juliette has now become Juliette and the New Romantics, the Licks will always have a special place in my music collection. Juliette has the attitude of a young Joan Jett with a bit of The Donnas mixed in and that's why I like her noise.

Ida Maria - "Stella" I've mentioned this Norwegian before in a previous blog post but I just adore her take on punk music. "Stella" is a song about God speaking to a prostitute how cool is that? Hopefully she'll broaden peoples views about the Norwegian music scene (although she technically has relocated to Sweden) too many people think Norway has little to offer past black metal.

Those Dancing Days - Sweet pop rock band from Scandinavia via Sweden. I don't know why the Swedish music scene has exploded in the last 2 years but its quite refreshing to know that the indie rock community is paying attention, I was kinda getting sick of all the Kooks and Cribs wannabees in Manchester and London.

Superbus - France's Superbus has gone through lots of changes over the years. They started with a sound rooted in ska and girl noise and have emerged as one of the biggest pop rock bands in France. I will always like "Tchi Cun Bah" but "Lola" (the ORIGINAL "I kissed a girl" song) from their album "Wow" and "Addictions" their first single from their new album "Lova Lova" are also quite catchy.

A Fine Frenzy - "Rangers" the song is prettier than the lead singer (and she is quite beautiful).

Ladyhawke - "Delirium" and "From Dusk Till Dawn" its dance punk you can actually dance too.

Go Betty Go - Punk rock has always been very testosterone heavy. I mean mosh pits? mohawks? leather jackets with studs and spikes? This doesn't mean the genre is sexist, punks tend to promote tolerance (racial and gender wise) some even promote straight edge life styles. However it is still a hard genre for an all female band to break in to, but Go Betty Go did a decent job (not sure if they are together anymore). Their songs are a combination of pop punk and Latin infused punk rock of Los Angeles's South Central and Watts neighborhoods.

Headlights - "TV" they are from a tiny town somewhere in Illinois (I think...) however they make really cool lofi songs. A friend of mine introduced me to the band with this song 3 years ago and its still a regular on my mp3.

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