April 14, 2009

Most Annoying Band of the Moment!

Lovvers! You guys win! What annoys me the most about them is that high end music critics have PRAISED these guys. and because I can't stand them I have been told that "I don't get it" apparently my musical taste isn't "sophisticated enough to understand the lyrical genius behind Lovvers." I have read the reviews and what has been panned by music listeners has been praised by critics...apparently being abrasive and annoying can get you labeled the next ground breaking band in the indie rock universe...go figure. I have tried to listen to their song "human hair" really I've tried, I've tried multiple times. I have also tried listening to a variety of their songs (I thought that their sound would finally 'catch on" to me...) including "No Romantics" and yet it all sounds the same to me. Some would call their sound "rough" and "unpolished" I just call it a mess...and not in a good way. But hey in the end if you like what you hear, enjoy it, I certainly can't seem to. People couldn't stand The Ramones or Sex Pistols when they came out either. Maybe I am too unsophisticated to appreciate this band...

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