April 21, 2009

The Whip my newest indie obsession

The Whip are essentially a synthpop/ indietronica band and I listened to them a lot on late nights during the summer. I first discovered the song "trash" which basically sounds like one big electronic howl. Its gritty with a ton of percussion and a lead singer with a dirty English accent, quite appealing. "Blackout" is a bit of a tamer dance anthem but the other song I quite like is slightly older (2007) "Sister Siam" is a little electronic pop song about two people who just can't agree (you say tomato I say "tomato"). Yeah Spin didn't like them and usually the reviewers are right on the money when it comes to albums but I think they got it wrong this time around. Yes their sound can be a bit repetitive, but when it comes to groups like The Whip, Deadmau5, Justice, and Crystal Castles its always better to purchase individual songs you want rather than an entire album.

Another electronic band worth checking out is Thieves Like Us. Every time I play their songs on my mp3 or in my room I just feel cooler. They have a very French sound, its clean, crisp, edgy and snooty.

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