April 23, 2009

Studying Break Musical Guilty Pleasures

Devotchka - "How it Ends" haunting and beautiful.

Gogol Bordello - "Wonderlust King" gypsy punk at it's finest...

Buraka Som Sistema - "Yah!" its kuduro a musical dance hybrid from Portugal, made popular by the Angolan immigrant population in Lisbon.

Thunderheist - "Jerk it" Toronto based rap dance duo I've seen them in concert, a really good time, almost as fun as seeing Bloc Party live.

Guiltiest songs?

Boa - "Eat You Up" My Korean and Chinese friends introduced me to her she can sing she can dance...she is a completely manufactured pop product of the Korean music industry. The lyrics to the song suck, but the beat is so catchy...I listen to it in my room with the door and windows shut.


Craig David - "Insomnia" Another sugary pop song but at least Craig writes his own material...still I am never really that comfortable telling people I listen to this stuff...I risk losing my indie cred! There are actually two versions of this song, one sung by Craig and another sung by Korean singer Wheesung...I listen to both...but the Korean version has messed lyrics.


Son Dambi - "Bad Boy" Another Korean singer! (My friends have really corrupted me.) However there is something about the Korean pop music industry, the songs are catchy, the singers are usually strong and since I can't understand the lyrics I don't feel stupid for listening to them!


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