April 27, 2009

Unrequited Love

Laura Marling - "Ghosts" and "New Romantics" I have a broken heart, I fell in love with a close friend who is now dating another close friend...these two songs have helped.

In other news, I was listening to Kate Nash's song "We get On" and realized it was written for my situation, but then again when you are sad every unrequited love song applies to you. Here are my other favorites:

Robyn - "Be Mine!" (Her whole album is actually amazing, she has a great voice and really unique style.)

Kate Nash - "We Get On" It sounds happy at first but there is an emotional shift in the middle.

Vertical Horizon - "Everything You want" and "Best I Ever Had" These guys must have gotten their hearts broken a lot because their entire debut album consists of break up songs!

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