April 30, 2011

Twin Shadow

He's coming to Buffalo on Sunday. Hell I'm actually going.

Nom Nom Nom Taeyang may actually Release an album in the US....

I think I posted Wedding Dress the Korean Version a while ago (a year or so?) Anyways I mentioned that out of all the members of Big Bang he has the most potential for making it anywhere in the US. And then I found this! The English version of "Wedding Dress" And it's just as good as the Korean original:

"Squeal!" Taeyang is soooooo hot!!!! I am after all a 13 year old Korean fan girl at heart. How sad.

And then I found this:

woah woah! Ok not as good as wedding dress...but I can at least appreciate a man with killer abs and awesome dance skills.

April 29, 2011

Jesse Thomas

Another free song from Starbucks! Has that sound doesn't it? Bah I still like it.

April 28, 2011

New Snob Scrilla

Can you feel my excitement? Probably not. But if you need a reminder of how rad this guy is I'm posting some older material as well.


April 27, 2011

Yearbook Committee

So if you haven't been noticing a pattern, I have been combing SXSW showcasing artists (as well as Bonnaroo and Coachella and other festivals) for interesting acts. And can I just state the obvious and say there is a ton of artfully disguised crap out there? You have noooo idea how many songs I suffered through. I don't skip tracks I will brave through every terrible psychedelic music video and terrible vocal performance! Mostly because I actually believe you should give everything a chance...once. But anyways I also found some gems. This happens to be a great song and a great acoustic performance.

Fixin to Die

A hot sweaty mess, with a harmonica! Oh it's also produced by the Avett Brothers.

Tigers that Talked

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. And that basically sums up my critique. Sometimes being concise is the best way to go. No labels needed here.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Ok I was seriously prepared to bash these guys...a guy in a dinosaur costume dancing with people with over-the-top trying to be hard to be artsy clothing??? This screams ART SCHOOL production! And I am totally allowed to stereotype...I go to art school...(but the chem degree totally balances things out...at least I like to pretend). However during my process of trying to hate them and self loathing, I sorta got into their music? Yeah yeah I'm a softie...but it's the synths that got me...ohhh synths every art student's instrument of choice.

The Vandelles

Have you ever had those making out in a car/alleyway fantasies? This would be my soundtrack. it's grungy its dirty its sexy.

April 25, 2011

I Am Nocturnal

So can I just say that these last three weeks have sucked? At least for me...and yes I am awake at 5:30 am on a MONDAY and I have been pulling a series of all nighters-early mornings for a while now. So why have I been torturing myself with limited amounts of sleep and a high sodium diet of ramen noodle cups? Well it may have to do with that 15 page research paper due last week which turned into 30 pages with images and then the five paged one that followed two days later plus the chem labs and photo projects (I seriously destroyed like 3 rolls of film in the dark room). Anyways I just finished up a really fun physics lab write up on induced electric fields. So yes, I have dark circles under my eyes and I get startled really easily, I am going to be soooooo happy when this semester is over!!! Anyways the only music that has been keeping me focused is ugh...that new Britney song...(bows head in shame). It's not my fault its so catchy...or that I now know all the words from playing it over and over again as I do homework...

I know I know what has happened to my otherwise (with the exception of the K pop addiction) superb and flawless taste? Am I going to start bedazzling my pants and dying my hair peroxide blond too!!!! Well finals week hasn't started yet so...that transformation has yet to manifest itself. But hell this Britney song is still super catchy...

April 20, 2011


So these last two weeks have been so hectic. but then I listened to this. And it was all better. Beautiful.

April 19, 2011


Fine I said I was done...I know I know! But I keep finding stuff...and subsequently not wanting to write this paper.

One more:

FENCES. ok now I should probably start working on that paper.

Stress Case, here's some music.

So I have pulled two all-nighters in the last two weeks, one for a chemistry test which I'm sure you're all happy to know I ACED (I can feel your enthusiasm believe me)and the other for my super duper fantabulus 15 paged paper (plus 15 pages of images, one page of bibliography, one abstract page one title...) on the origins of Kufic script which I hopefully did not crash and burn on! Anyways why am I telling you all this? Why does it matter? Who really gives a fuck about my homework schedule? Well this is true, this is a music blog...but guess what I'm doing again tonight! That's right HOMEWORK HEAVEN! So obviously why am I even posting anything at all! Because...I really really have no desire to write another paper on the origins of book binding from 700AD to 1200AD in the Medieval Islamic world...seriously. So in order to prolong my suffering, I'm on blogger. Of course. Anyways I have some new tunes to post. Hope you enjoy them while I just go rest my head on my textbooks for a little bit.

MED featuring Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc and MED? Need I say more.

Funeral Party

The source of most of my procrastination has been spent jumpng up and down to this song. Fuck Yes.

Sharen Van Etten

Really chill, laid back, awesome. That's all you need to know

Niki and the Dove

sometimes when I'm all alone in my house I blast this and open up all the windows. The neighbors love it.

Hooray For Earth

Saw these guys in summer of 2010 open for Surfer Blood and Pains of Being Pure at Heart pretty rad.

April 17, 2011

I'm spamming....

Sorry, I try not to do this AT ALL...so I feel like a jerk when I do! But TheMusicGeek has a twitter account and a Facebook page!!! Woopdee do! tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your next door neighbor! And hey maybe if I actually get more followers I will try maintaining both accounts better...please please follow me! All I have ever wanted in live is to be popular! Like me! LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Can you smell my desperation yet? Nah it would just be cool to brag about you know being like the 1 millionth most trafficked twitter account or something at party, you know to add to my "cred." Now all I need to complete my transformation to self absorbed music blogger is an iphone and some ray bans...So anyways the links are below...no pressure...



The Decemberists - This is Why We Fight

The Decemberists have never disappointed me. Plain and simple.

Mr. Downstairs

WOAHHHHH what happened? Dani from that barftastic group "The Millionaires" is now part of another indie rock outfit that actually makes halfway decent music??? Believe me after being subjected to "Stay the Night" and "Let's Get Fucked Up" two gems from her previous group "The Millionaires" discography...repeat sound offenders played at scummy keg parties when everyone is too wasted to actually care about what music is being blasted through the stereo, I was ready to trash her latest group Mr Downstairs. And I hate admitting this, but in all sincerity their first single "legendary" is kind of...catchy? Sure the song is a little cheesy but ultimately pretty well produced and written...what the hell is happening to my musical judgment skills!? Ok ok so I can't exactly imagine this gaining any recognition from NME or anything, but these kind of songs are definitely marketable to all those kiddie shows on the CW network...and hey good for them I guess.

April 16, 2011


Sort of a combination of "Late Night Alumni" and faster paced house music.

2NE1 have an English Single!!

Since I started this blog I have been a pretty major fan of this Korean girl group, mostly because they are so different! Most Korean girl groups either aim for sexy or cutesy while these guys are just kick ass, from their outfits to the messages of their songs, on top of the fact that their brand of pop music is way more innovative than most stuff that's being churned out by the music companies in the US right now (Katy Perry--really?). I honestly think that this is one of the only Korean groups that could actually make it in the US, however in general I believe the majority of Korean pop groups are superior to ours, but now 2NE1 actually has an English single...interesting. Anyways while I went on hiatus they came out with a ton of new singles that I failed to post! So I'm going it now (check out "Go Away" it's my favorite track on the album.)

Korean Version:

English Version:

More New 2NE1:

April 14, 2011


Blogged about this woman (Anita Blay) a little over two and a half years ago, and I recently became curious about her whereabouts...and she actually has music videos now! Rad.

Bands I Can't Stand: Cults

Look I have tried very hard, very very very very hard to like these guys, mostly because Spin and Pitchfork and Paste told me that I had to! They are like totally the next big thing! They are sooooooo different and artsy! Ohhhhhh look at this little diddy we did on synth with a really boring melody, underwhelming Lyrics and girl who always sounds like she's singing underwater! Sooooo chill right?

So I think the thing that irks me the most about these pseudo "art school/film school/I go to school in new York and my parents have connections so I'm automatically better than you/hey look I live in Williamsburg so I have to be in a really edgy band right?" groups ala (Suckers, Fang Island, GIRLS--don't even get me started on them, and Cults) is the amount of early praise these guys get, for making (at least in my humble opinion REALLY SHITTY MUSE-SUCK).I mean so you can play synth and a few chords on guitar, and ohhhh maybe you can't sing...but that doesn't matter as long as you wear a bubble costume on stage!!! Woop-dee fucking do!

Oh My God...when did Rebecca Black decide to go indie?

If you need an update here are some other posts of bands I CAN'T STAND:

Worst of 2009

Fang Island

Noise Punk

Jamie Woon

He is the son of a Celtic folk singer, and graduated a year after Amy Winehouse at the Brit school, but his album is definitely not Celtic and he is definitely more restrained than Winehouse.Pitchfork has already given him the nod, which I find interesting considering that he really doesn't seem to be their style, but hey everyone likes to branch out I guess. Anyways his songs are growing on me, he has really strong vocals, good instrumentals, and writes decent lyrics, something I think everyone can appreciate.

April 13, 2011


It is an awesome time to start blogging again, first the Arctic Monkeys and now this? Ear orgasm! I feel way more enthusiastic than I should be! But that's probably because I pulled an all nighter for a physics lab + chem test + work on my gargantuan reasearch paper = major freak out session!! I'm opperating on five cups of coffee! And a snickers!

I seriosuly need to hit the hay...but alas blogging about the Knux is only a temporary respite from getting back to work. Well at least I made this blog post count! The Knux is a pretty kickass band to begin with, check out their older stuff if you aren't familier with them (Bang! Bang! and F!re are two good tracks to start with). Anyways back to citation hell!

NEW Arctic Monkeys Single

This just in! After comparing this single to the debut album and every album since, it's really interesting to listen to how far they have progressed with their sound. They have definitely become more polished over the years, moving away from rowdy English pub-like indie rock to something with a more Western-Americana feel, but this, this is just sexy.

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair by arcticmonkeys

April 12, 2011

Fences and Zowie

I was bumming around and listening to some of the SXSW showcasing artists this year that I hadn't heard of...and I discovered these two. I am intrigued.

The Good Natured

So yeah I definitely blogged about her before (like over a year ago), but I feel as if her music is really wonderful and deserves more recognition! So I'm posting some more! Oh and hey she was also at SXSW...almost exactly a year after I blogged about her ha.

Chapel Club

So I should really be working on this paper on Kufic Script...but yeah I'm obviously doing a terrible job of being productive. I have over 20 scholarly sources and have been reading about the distinctions between Nabataean, North Arabic, Aramaic and the 50,000 different types of Kufic calligraphy...Anyways I've been listening to this band as I try to get my "work done." Ha.

April 11, 2011

Big Bang...yeah ok I like their new song

Totally predictable of me right? But it's so god damn catchy! Although I must ask, what's up with Top's hair? He used to be so hot! Platinum blond is not a good look,I mean G Dragon is allowed to rock the blond, but that's because...well he's G Dragon, I've stopped questioning his fashion choices ( I mean fringed leopard print, REALLY??? WHY HASN'T HE COME OUT YET? Seriously dude I will do it for you). I know I know Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of fashion and G Dragon has been around way longer than she has but still...his outfit choices get more and more ridiculous, just re-watch some videos from his "solo debut" to remind yourselves, they are too painful for me to go back to.

Anyways the video is typical Big Bang they try to look as trendy as possible swooning over the same girl, but hey at least they can all sing and dance, and even though I never play this song outside of my house, I feel it's only right to let the general public know that although I love me some Matt Pond PA and Big Pink, it's not all I listen to ;) Banning myself from listening to pop music is like banning myself from watching junky reality TV...and I will never ban myself from watching junky reality TV, I like Real Housewives of Orange County too much (seriously its a terrible problem).

More Foster The People

Ok, it's official I'm obsessed. Is it sad that I've been listening to them for less than an hour and I'm already trolling their website for tour dates? Am I the only one who thinks they're going to be huge?

Foster The People

This has Spoon written all over it, and I'm hooked. Why haven't I heard of them before? I feel so out of touch! This is seriously one of the best songs I have heard in a while.

April 8, 2011

Miami Horror

Cool 70s inspired feel-good music. Progressive enough to still be considered "socially acceptable" with the in crowd but catchy enough to actually enjoy listening to them.

New Theophilus London Video

Love the song...hate the video. Does anyone else think he's trying a little too hard? But anyways I'm a die-hard fan...I've already played the song about 50,000 times.

CENTURY GIRL feat. Devonte Hynes from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

April 4, 2011

Korean Music Post!

Haven't done one for a while, but 4minute released their newest album today. I remember when I called them the 2NE1 wannabes (by the way that new 2NE1 album is AWESOME. So awesome they may tour the US...well I'd go see them...) anyways 4minute has slowly grown on me. It's not my fault that all these Korean music companies produce better pop music than we do!!! Although, I really thought the video for "Heart to Heart" was about a lesbian couple at first...yeah I think it's time for the "love interest" to get a new haircut...And another point of complaint...the rapping. Seriously stop, it's embarrassing, hate to say it but at this point 2NE1 is the only Korean girl group I've seen who can actually make it work. And, although their new songs are semi catchy I still think I prefer their old stuff...meh maybe I'm not being "open" enough, but I rather listen to "huh" or "hot issue" than most of their new singles.


Wakey Wakey

I was introduced to them when I heard the song "22" featuring Theo Martins. Anyways this song has been stuck in my head alllllll day.

April 3, 2011

Little Red

Another Australian band! This band has very little air play in the states they toured with Spoon back in 2008 and are playing "Big Day Out 2011" in Australia, although I am really hoping they'll consider a north American tour soon. I have already played "slow motion" about 10 times! Seriously.

NEW Exlovers

So they have changed their sound slightly, more rock and less folk I guess, I am enjoying their new stuff...but I will admit I am partial to their older music. Compare them for yourself:

Here is the new single:

Boy and Bear

I think it was early September of 2009 when I made my first tiny Mumford and Sons post, a product of the London Folk scene, Mumford and Sons had made a name for themselves touring with Laura Marling, you know the folk singer who made "ghosts" and broke up with the lead singer of Noah and the Whale...only to date the lead singer of Mumford and Sons...gahhhhhh Anyways The indie folk scene in England has exploded there are tons of talented bands, some listed above, and others previously listed in older posts (The Middle East, ExLovers, Erland and the Carnival). Well anyways Boy and Bear isn't from the UK at all! They are from Australia...but they totally sound like all the bands above, and this isn't a derogatory remark, they are super talented musicians, and can sing in harmony, a rare thing now a days! Think Mumford and Sons with some Fleet Foxes thrown in.

April 1, 2011


Kistsune Maison the famous mixtapes made by the famous French fashion house put this on their latest compilation...well given the fact that I haven't been on my blog in a while, I am a little late to the party, but it's new enough! They make really awesome upbeat catchy songs, with good guitar solos and base lines.

The Jezabels

Sydney based quartet making dreamy indie rock/pop concoctions with female vocals, and on-point instrumentals. They have a really exciting new sound, oh and did I mention how fun they are to listen to?

The Middle East...revisited?

And yeah I mean the band...I did a tiny post about these guys months ago...well probably more than months ago. They make extremely beautiful folk rock. Anyways, they have a new single out, worth listening to? I think so. If you need a refresher of their older stuff, I shall post that below as well.


A friendly reminder:

I'M BACK!!!! With a new Playlist...

Yeah...been gone for a bit, well more like a year. The truth is after a while you are so riddled with guilt from abandoning something you put so much time and energy into that you are afraid of going back to it! How stupid of me...this blog is like my baby! Ha. Anyways I got some new posts. Starting with THIS ONE! So you must be wondering, "I have been gone for a whole year"...what the hell have I been listening to!? Let's get started.

Theo Martins - Rapper, DJ producer he essentially does it all. And I think he's going to go places, and heck I think I have a pretty good track record of predicting things...just look at my posting history. Anyways whether he's creating interesting electro-hip hop concoctions or rapping over them, he comes from a new artsier side of hip hop music, think Aloe Blacc and Theophilus London.

Theophilus London - Speaking of Theophilus London...yeah fine I've always been obsessed with this man, just check out my "Best of 2009" list...he's there. But 2011 has been a huge year for this guy, a new album, he's headlining South by Southwest...so I'd stay tuned.

Ah and of course...the song that started it all for me...

ROBYN - Predictable yes, of course it's predictable...I'm a super fan. But to think that in just a few months she went from virtually unknown uber talented Swedish electro dance queen to guest starring on "Gossip Girl" still baffles me. But hey I'm selfish that way...I don't like sharing my music...and yet I have a blog, oh the irony.

Stars - I saw them in concert for the first time ever promoting their new album...and all those highschool memories of listening to your "Ex Lover is Dead" 50 thousand times came rushing back...awesome song, not so awesome time. But their new album, well semi-new...is really spectacular give it a good listen.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Their new album really pushes their sound to new heights. Although I love the twee pop sounds of tracks like "Say no to love" I think that the grungier Jesus and Mary Chain-esque tracks they have added to the mix creates much more musical dimension. I am really looking forward to seeing where they go next.

Benjamin Francis - Pictures (GZUS remix)
Anyways my friend Raymond introduced me to this song...and I have become addicted.

BOA - YEAH BOA. Well I think everyone knows about my Korean music obsession by now.

Ramona Falls - Shocker! I know but I really feel that this band (the lead singer of Menomena's side project) is completely underrated and has produced when of the best albums I have ever listened to...

Anyways...I have some really fun physics problem sets to get to...but there will be more posts. I promise.