April 14, 2011

Bands I Can't Stand: Cults

Look I have tried very hard, very very very very hard to like these guys, mostly because Spin and Pitchfork and Paste told me that I had to! They are like totally the next big thing! They are sooooooo different and artsy! Ohhhhhh look at this little diddy we did on synth with a really boring melody, underwhelming Lyrics and girl who always sounds like she's singing underwater! Sooooo chill right?

So I think the thing that irks me the most about these pseudo "art school/film school/I go to school in new York and my parents have connections so I'm automatically better than you/hey look I live in Williamsburg so I have to be in a really edgy band right?" groups ala (Suckers, Fang Island, GIRLS--don't even get me started on them, and Cults) is the amount of early praise these guys get, for making (at least in my humble opinion REALLY SHITTY MUSE-SUCK).I mean so you can play synth and a few chords on guitar, and ohhhh maybe you can't sing...but that doesn't matter as long as you wear a bubble costume on stage!!! Woop-dee fucking do!

Oh My God...when did Rebecca Black decide to go indie?

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