April 4, 2011

Korean Music Post!

Haven't done one for a while, but 4minute released their newest album today. I remember when I called them the 2NE1 wannabes (by the way that new 2NE1 album is AWESOME. So awesome they may tour the US...well I'd go see them...) anyways 4minute has slowly grown on me. It's not my fault that all these Korean music companies produce better pop music than we do!!! Although, I really thought the video for "Heart to Heart" was about a lesbian couple at first...yeah I think it's time for the "love interest" to get a new haircut...And another point of complaint...the rapping. Seriously stop, it's embarrassing, hate to say it but at this point 2NE1 is the only Korean girl group I've seen who can actually make it work. And, although their new songs are semi catchy I still think I prefer their old stuff...meh maybe I'm not being "open" enough, but I rather listen to "huh" or "hot issue" than most of their new singles.


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