April 16, 2011

2NE1 have an English Single!!

Since I started this blog I have been a pretty major fan of this Korean girl group, mostly because they are so different! Most Korean girl groups either aim for sexy or cutesy while these guys are just kick ass, from their outfits to the messages of their songs, on top of the fact that their brand of pop music is way more innovative than most stuff that's being churned out by the music companies in the US right now (Katy Perry--really?). I honestly think that this is one of the only Korean groups that could actually make it in the US, however in general I believe the majority of Korean pop groups are superior to ours, but now 2NE1 actually has an English single...interesting. Anyways while I went on hiatus they came out with a ton of new singles that I failed to post! So I'm going it now (check out "Go Away" it's my favorite track on the album.)

Korean Version:

English Version:

More New 2NE1:

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