April 19, 2011

Stress Case, here's some music.

So I have pulled two all-nighters in the last two weeks, one for a chemistry test which I'm sure you're all happy to know I ACED (I can feel your enthusiasm believe me)and the other for my super duper fantabulus 15 paged paper (plus 15 pages of images, one page of bibliography, one abstract page one title...) on the origins of Kufic script which I hopefully did not crash and burn on! Anyways why am I telling you all this? Why does it matter? Who really gives a fuck about my homework schedule? Well this is true, this is a music blog...but guess what I'm doing again tonight! That's right HOMEWORK HEAVEN! So obviously why am I even posting anything at all! Because...I really really have no desire to write another paper on the origins of book binding from 700AD to 1200AD in the Medieval Islamic world...seriously. So in order to prolong my suffering, I'm on blogger. Of course. Anyways I have some new tunes to post. Hope you enjoy them while I just go rest my head on my textbooks for a little bit.

MED featuring Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc and MED? Need I say more.

Funeral Party

The source of most of my procrastination has been spent jumpng up and down to this song. Fuck Yes.

Sharen Van Etten

Really chill, laid back, awesome. That's all you need to know

Niki and the Dove

sometimes when I'm all alone in my house I blast this and open up all the windows. The neighbors love it.

Hooray For Earth

Saw these guys in summer of 2010 open for Surfer Blood and Pains of Being Pure at Heart pretty rad.

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