April 17, 2011

Mr. Downstairs

WOAHHHHH what happened? Dani from that barftastic group "The Millionaires" is now part of another indie rock outfit that actually makes halfway decent music??? Believe me after being subjected to "Stay the Night" and "Let's Get Fucked Up" two gems from her previous group "The Millionaires" discography...repeat sound offenders played at scummy keg parties when everyone is too wasted to actually care about what music is being blasted through the stereo, I was ready to trash her latest group Mr Downstairs. And I hate admitting this, but in all sincerity their first single "legendary" is kind of...catchy? Sure the song is a little cheesy but ultimately pretty well produced and written...what the hell is happening to my musical judgment skills!? Ok ok so I can't exactly imagine this gaining any recognition from NME or anything, but these kind of songs are definitely marketable to all those kiddie shows on the CW network...and hey good for them I guess.

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