April 11, 2011

Big Bang...yeah ok I like their new song

Totally predictable of me right? But it's so god damn catchy! Although I must ask, what's up with Top's hair? He used to be so hot! Platinum blond is not a good look,I mean G Dragon is allowed to rock the blond, but that's because...well he's G Dragon, I've stopped questioning his fashion choices ( I mean fringed leopard print, REALLY??? WHY HASN'T HE COME OUT YET? Seriously dude I will do it for you). I know I know Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of fashion and G Dragon has been around way longer than she has but still...his outfit choices get more and more ridiculous, just re-watch some videos from his "solo debut" to remind yourselves, they are too painful for me to go back to.

Anyways the video is typical Big Bang they try to look as trendy as possible swooning over the same girl, but hey at least they can all sing and dance, and even though I never play this song outside of my house, I feel it's only right to let the general public know that although I love me some Matt Pond PA and Big Pink, it's not all I listen to ;) Banning myself from listening to pop music is like banning myself from watching junky reality TV...and I will never ban myself from watching junky reality TV, I like Real Housewives of Orange County too much (seriously its a terrible problem).

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  1. Ohh, I've heard the chorus. It is very catchy though. But look at the nice cars, :Q_ (<- drool face) Then again, they got a lambourgini for 2ne1, soo...

    Hrm...I like Seungri's hair. TOP's is a blond Spock. And I wish that Taeyang had a different hair style than the one he has right now (and has had for a while. I mean, it's a step up from his dreadlocks from early days and he's trying to look taller than he is but still...)