April 1, 2011

I'M BACK!!!! With a new Playlist...

Yeah...been gone for a bit, well more like a year. The truth is after a while you are so riddled with guilt from abandoning something you put so much time and energy into that you are afraid of going back to it! How stupid of me...this blog is like my baby! Ha. Anyways I got some new posts. Starting with THIS ONE! So you must be wondering, "I have been gone for a whole year"...what the hell have I been listening to!? Let's get started.

Theo Martins - Rapper, DJ producer he essentially does it all. And I think he's going to go places, and heck I think I have a pretty good track record of predicting things...just look at my posting history. Anyways whether he's creating interesting electro-hip hop concoctions or rapping over them, he comes from a new artsier side of hip hop music, think Aloe Blacc and Theophilus London.

Theophilus London - Speaking of Theophilus London...yeah fine I've always been obsessed with this man, just check out my "Best of 2009" list...he's there. But 2011 has been a huge year for this guy, a new album, he's headlining South by Southwest...so I'd stay tuned.

Ah and of course...the song that started it all for me...

ROBYN - Predictable yes, of course it's predictable...I'm a super fan. But to think that in just a few months she went from virtually unknown uber talented Swedish electro dance queen to guest starring on "Gossip Girl" still baffles me. But hey I'm selfish that way...I don't like sharing my music...and yet I have a blog, oh the irony.

Stars - I saw them in concert for the first time ever promoting their new album...and all those highschool memories of listening to your "Ex Lover is Dead" 50 thousand times came rushing back...awesome song, not so awesome time. But their new album, well semi-new...is really spectacular give it a good listen.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Their new album really pushes their sound to new heights. Although I love the twee pop sounds of tracks like "Say no to love" I think that the grungier Jesus and Mary Chain-esque tracks they have added to the mix creates much more musical dimension. I am really looking forward to seeing where they go next.

Benjamin Francis - Pictures (GZUS remix)
Anyways my friend Raymond introduced me to this song...and I have become addicted.

BOA - YEAH BOA. Well I think everyone knows about my Korean music obsession by now.

Ramona Falls - Shocker! I know but I really feel that this band (the lead singer of Menomena's side project) is completely underrated and has produced when of the best albums I have ever listened to...

Anyways...I have some really fun physics problem sets to get to...but there will be more posts. I promise.

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