April 17, 2011

I'm spamming....

Sorry, I try not to do this AT ALL...so I feel like a jerk when I do! But TheMusicGeek has a twitter account and a Facebook page!!! Woopdee do! tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your next door neighbor! And hey maybe if I actually get more followers I will try maintaining both accounts better...please please follow me! All I have ever wanted in live is to be popular! Like me! LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Can you smell my desperation yet? Nah it would just be cool to brag about you know being like the 1 millionth most trafficked twitter account or something at party, you know to add to my "cred." Now all I need to complete my transformation to self absorbed music blogger is an iphone and some ray bans...So anyways the links are below...no pressure...



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