April 3, 2011

Boy and Bear

I think it was early September of 2009 when I made my first tiny Mumford and Sons post, a product of the London Folk scene, Mumford and Sons had made a name for themselves touring with Laura Marling, you know the folk singer who made "ghosts" and broke up with the lead singer of Noah and the Whale...only to date the lead singer of Mumford and Sons...gahhhhhh Anyways The indie folk scene in England has exploded there are tons of talented bands, some listed above, and others previously listed in older posts (The Middle East, ExLovers, Erland and the Carnival). Well anyways Boy and Bear isn't from the UK at all! They are from Australia...but they totally sound like all the bands above, and this isn't a derogatory remark, they are super talented musicians, and can sing in harmony, a rare thing now a days! Think Mumford and Sons with some Fleet Foxes thrown in.

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