November 8, 2009

Annoying Genre of the Day...NOISE PUNK!!

Ok forget all the stupid labels like goth pop, new hardcore, old hardcore, metalcore, screamo...blah blah blah. Apparently "noise punk" is the next big thing, because the critics love this shit. I have tried plenty of noise punk bands but quite honestly I don't get it. Just like critics are in love with Girls and Lovvers (two bands that I abhor as made clear by my various posts about them) noise punk is a genre that goes wayyy over my head. I am sure in a few years a new wave of artists will be listing bands from the "noise punk" era that they claimed influenced their music, however I am just not sophisticated enough to appreciate their "minimalist meets lofi" sound. This is probably because I enjoy listening to actual music and not people who mumble into distorted microphones over poorly performed instrumentals.

The noise of noise punk:

And last but not least my LEAST favorite band of the moment besides Girls...Lovvers!!! God I can't stand this crap...but just like every other indie rock trend if you say you hate it it's as good as saying you like to kill babies. Sometimes I wish people would take a step back and realize how ridiculous it is to endorse stuff like this. It's almost like the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes," People are pretending they are enjoying music they really can't stand just to attain a "cool factor" in order to be socially accepted in the indie/hipster community. Gimme a break.


  1. Goodness, yet another annoying music genre. I didn't even dig emo/screamo. And now this... Kids come up with the dumbest excuse for music nowadays. :P

  2. ...

    I suppose this is a way for less-than-average singers (voice-wise) to get into the music field?