November 8, 2009

Under-Appreciated Band: Menomena and Ramona Falls

I actually discovered them through MySpace (back when Myspace was cool), in 11th grade. However I never listened to their third album in full "Friend and Foe" till I found it at the downtown public library (seriously they have an awesome selection of albums). They are one of the leading indie rock bands from Portland Oregon. Portland was once considered Seattle's more boring little cousin when it came to music scenes, however they have really blossomed into a place where indie artists can flourish.

Other projects associated with Menomena include the offshoot band Ramona Falls--a recent indie act that I am head over heals about. I have posted stuff from Ramona Falls before (in my august blog posts I believe) and I really think they are one of the best new indie bands of 2009.


Ramona Falls: Seriously I want this album so badly! Someone get it for me...please?

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