November 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 9

Super Junior M-Super Girl
This is the sub group of the super group..."Super Junior" (confusing right?). The "M" stands for Mandarin so this is the sub group of the 13 member Korean pop group that sings in Mandarin...get it? good. If all K-pop boy bands dressed like these guys I think we would all be better off. Super Junior seem to look really dapper lately choosing smart cut suits, vests and button downs over feathers and sparkle...THANK YOU GOD!

Lee Hyori - U Go Girl
So there have been rumors about her getting double eyelid surgeries, nose jobs, boob jobs...basically the works. However and unfortunately this is now standard in K-pop culture. Regardless I still like the song in all its lameness and strange placements of English phrases that don't belong what so ever (including a very awkward dance routine involving the word "ok")...pshhh its all part of the fun.

Namie Amuro feat A.I. and Suite Chic - Uh...Uh...
Namie Amuro is sort of like the Japanese version of Jennifer Lopez, except she also writes and produces her music as well as singing and acting. She also has a street style very similar to early J-lo and Destiny's Child.


  1. Lol Super Junior M looks normal! *gasp* Their accent is pretty heavy though.

    The Lee Hyori video is bewildering haha.

  2. What... there are more "Super's?!" What is happening in the world... x_x
    Namie Amuro is hot! And so is Lee Hyori... even with all the surgeries. LOL!

  3. oh god. i cant stand super junior!!! XO

    (i decided to read your 'guilty pleasures' list first, haha, figured i'll find something i like in it! XD )

    but anyways, for a while i was on this social website, and it was all koreans, and all they talked about was 'super junior this. super junior that. girl generation too!!! and let's not forget big bang!!!!!1'
    it drove me insane. =/
    i'll stick with se7en and rain. (and yuna ito, only cause she's so freaking cute! <3 )

  4. AHAHAHA. Nerdy Hankyung. Yeah, the accent is strong (but I can kinda understand w/ the subs. only a few lines though).

    Right now...focused on SHINee due to your previous post (thanks).
    Actually, found 2 songs I like recently (that aren't SHINee). Idn if you would like them, but here they are:

    DBSK - Bolero [your thing doesn't allow copy-paste, so search it on youtube].

    Yiruma - River Flows in You


    Ahh, so this is the MV that the parody was based off. I saw this parody of Lee Hyori's MV where there were middle-aged ladies (who are in good shape and form) w/ a comedian as the rapper. I think I liked that one better....
    It featured SHINee (for 3 seconds)...which is how I found it.

    I don't really like the message that she's thinking that plastic surgery will change her life. Sure, getting a makeover and gaining self-esteem from that, but I feel that plastic surgery is a step too far.

    But, eh.

    Haven't ventured into J-music lately. K-music has been dominating so far (only J-music is the japanese DBSK songs).