November 14, 2009

Tae Yang - Wedding Dress

A latest guilty pleasure of mine. Tae Yang is from Big Bang and also is pursuing a solo project. This is his latest effort, and I am addicted. Songs like this could become successful on the US top 40 charts if Koreans knew how to market their music better in the West. However most of the big companies rely on American C Sides and producers to package their artists for Western "success" the result is sub par pop that gets almost no attention from the mainstream Western audience.


  1. Yeah, I agree TaeYang could do well in th eUS market if he wanted to. I think he's really humble though and is perfectly content with the kpop scene. Now as for his BFF Mr. almost Gaga GD... I'm not sure.

  2. Haha. I can picture the comments right now. "OMG, he kissed her" or "gahh, I would choose TY over the other dude any day." lol

    Well, they are very aware of the US market and they are getting global attention through stuff like youtube, etc. They also can sing in english (there's apparently an album entirely in english and GD remade This Love by Maroon 5 into a korean remix).

    But, as they know, asian stars getting into the US market is rather hard. BoA and the Wonder Girls are trying right now (and judging from the comments, they are having some effect). Who knows? Maybe in the future when he's more established?

    On another note, have you heard the 2 solo songs from 2ne1? Sandara Park's Kiss (where the MV is one big ad for some beer thing) and Park Bom's You and I (which is a hit right now)?