November 14, 2009

Lady GaGa - Bad Romance

Am I the only one getting sick of this woman? I cringe every time I hear a new song from her because her music sounds so dated. It's the kind of stuff ten years from now that can be pin pointed to an exact place and time, like disco from the seventies and Cher's face. I am probably late about ranting about this song -- mostly because I do not listen to top 40 pop radio so I never catch this fluff when it is first debuting. I do like Lady GaGa's voice it's very powerful, I just hate how she abuses it by creating these cheesy disposable dance songs.


  1. Maybe I'm not progressive enough.. but I could not finish the Bad Romance video. i have a weird fear of large googly eyes... and her circle lenses in the video still haunt me.

  2. The "Gaga olalala roma roma" part doesn't bode well on my ears. The song is kind of boring for me.

    I like how she has that boob flamethrower at the end though :D.