November 17, 2009

Chamillionaire Please Retire

Number one he ruins a classic Ton Petty song...and I thought the only one who could ever disrespect "free falling" was John Mayer, guess I was wrong. However apparently this song is devoted to people like me "the haters" I always enjoy it when rappers dedicate songs to "their haters" because it only makes the insults more epic.

And no Chamillionaire we don't hate you "because we don't want you to be successful" and we don't care how much your damn suit costs or how many sad and lonely women you have slept with as showcased in the video...we just hate you because you make SHITTY music. Is that allowed? And above all else what's with stealing classic rock riffs and replacing a meaningful song about love and indifference with rap dialogue about "hating?" So please don't disrespect Tom Petty and we won't disrespect you. And if you could just stop "pretending" to be an artist all together we wouldn't mind either, from the video it looks like you wouldn't care as long as we gave you a new car, money, a McMansion and women every year to compensate for lack of talent. Deal? Deal.


  1. I suggest you look more into Chamillionaire's music. His last album Ultimate Victory was amazing. It seems you are also pretty clueless about Chamillionaire the person as well.

    You're way off here, even if the song isn't very good.

  2. Also, the video is sarcasm. It is the exact thing that Chamillionaire is not about. But I guess you wouldn't know that....

  3. you def don't know Chamillionaire at all and just stereotype him. You are a hater with a shitty ass blog and live in his parents basement with Jergins lotion that you jerk off to every night.