November 30, 2009

I'm a Hypocrite

Just when I said I could never like a new emo/ scremo band because let's face it my usual musical diet consists of indie rock, undergroud hip hop and Korean pop I find a band that I actually wouldn't mind There I said it. They are an English band that has already made a name for themselves in the UK and here as well (at least with emo kids...) and yeah I like them! I surprise myself sometimes. They are no longer considered screamo (their earlier stuff contains more elements of that genre) although their newer stuff has more of a punk meets electronica element that I actually find quite interesting.

They just released a new album and may tour the US soon...and if they do I actually might go...although I have a feeling I would be one of the oldest people in the audience, and i don't want to feel like a mom...


  1. Actually I dig these guys a lot too - I even got their album! I really like Sorry You're Not a Winner...They make the screaming parts kind of tasteful (I'm not totally against screaming - I actually like Linkin Park's screaming :P), but the seller is the awesome instrumentals. The genre of this sound is very similar to Abandon All Ships, but AAS's instrumentals are a bit too generic and the screaming is not added as tastefully.

    Where did you get news of their touring the US soon? I'd be interested in going....

  2. i like! =D
    (im learning to deal with the 'screaming')
    and their kinda cute! <3 hey, if they tour, i'll go with you! that way, I'LL be the oldest person there! XD

  3. yeah! they are super cute! Gah I should move to the UK...