November 22, 2009

G-Dragon - A Yo

His third single off his solo album and the most experimental of any of his singles. For once I actually dig the music video even GD's outfit choices are cool (for once I semi approve of his wardrobe) but I really wish he would nix the guy liner!!! The song itself sounds very nineties-esque combing 90s RnB with electronic beats. I like the more fluid vibe as a opposed to the "male lady gaga" sound of his previously released tracks.

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  1. know, this is the kinda style that'

    But, to me, GDragon has the charisma to interest me in this MV. That, or it's more appealing (ie. director's good?). Else, it would be a weird and boring MV for me. I do like the transitions.

    I think most young "popular" guy artists wear some sort of guy-liner. Makes them stand out (not to mention, b/c of the small eyes, makes them seem larger). :)
    You should see the zombie moves of 2PM's new single, Heartbeat. I like the choreography for the song. Due to their concept, guy-liner abound.