November 30, 2009

Alesana - Apology (LIVE)

Ok I seriously feel sorry for new school emo kids if this is what they endure to fit into their respective 'scene." What happened to the days when you could actually understand what the singer was saying and emo boys had sex appeal? Honestly I thought old school emo boys you know the ones who listened to Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, and Jawbreaker were extremely hot but after watching this new school emo band performed live...yeah...I'm think I'm turned off to emo for good. I honestly laughed half way through this thing, does anyone else think the emo/ screamo scene is getting a bit...err ridiculous? Or maybe I'm too old to understand it anymore I do realize that the demographic audience for these bands are in their early years of high school...but still...c'mon people.

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