November 17, 2009

50 Cent Please...Start Using Condoms

So this new song which already has like 2 million hits on YouTube is basically a huge advertisement to all the women of the world to get impregnated by 50 Cent so they can become millionaires! Real classy son. Honestly the song is so terrible I almost feel disgusting listen to it. When you have a hook of "have a baby by me baby" you wonder who he's soliciting...yikes. Well so much for safe sex and Planned Parenthood.

On another none sexual note if 50 Cent's first baby mama is living in gross excess alreay (I researched it aren't I lame?), how can 50 Cent economically sustain another baby mama? Especially in this economy (and your records just aren't selling like they used to 50...I don't think you have much money left to find you "In Da Club" with).

So I think that we concluded from this baseless and pointless argument that 50 Cent should probably start practicing safe sex...seriously how many after school specials on unplanned pregnancy does it take to get the point across? Geez, not to mention STDs, god only knows how many he has already if he actually practices what he preaches. I would stay away...far away...

Enjoy the extremely tasteless video:

1 comment:

  1. Wow I keep thinking he's reciting some sort of tongue twister with all the /b/'s in that hook of his.

    He's certainly trying to maximize his genetic fitness with this little ditty.