November 14, 2009

Attack of the K-Pop Girl Groups: Rainbow

Another girl group that is definitely catering to people below the age of 15. I just wish their English wasn't so painful to listen to. They were created by one of the lesser known entertainment companies DSP (the big three are JYP, SM Town, and YP). I wonder who writes their's like one of the writers is a big fan of the show "Gossip Girl" so he wrote a song incorporating the phrase which has NOTHING to do with the show what so ever. And with lines like "I wanna gossip girl! I wanna gossip girl! I wanna gossip, feel sexy and pretty...." Yeah this song isn't exactly a winner. I have a feeling DSP is trying to market them as the next SNSD (Girls Generation) which also has about seven members, the difference between SNSD and Rainbow is that SNSD produce catchy songs...Rainbow not so much. I also am bothered by the fact that these girls probably range in age from 17 to about 23 and are packaged as sweet and cutesy...blehhhh.


  1. "Goship girls" ? Well, if you're korean with little background in English...

    ...DSP. They're the same company that KARA are under. Actually, they've come out with some popular bands (if you look at their lineup). SS501 and former Fin.K.L. were under them. Not as big as SM Entertainment for sure though. But one could argue that they're still strong.

    SNSD is a 9-member band. They don't rap though.

    I think girl groups (idol or otherwise...if there is otherwise) is the trend right now. In fact (why am I popping back to this?) SHINee did a parody of BoA's song (which I like - "Girls on Top) called "Boys on Top" which addressed the fact that girl groups are getting all the attention at the moment.

  2. Yeah the "gawship" girls part makes me cringe haha.

    For the rap part, was that multiple girls rapping the same thing simultaneously? That's something...unique o-o.