November 1, 2009

November Playlist

Kurt Vile - Freeway
A bit of trippy acid rock and some experimental folk vibes, but all and all it's just good music.

The Rifles - Repeat Offender
This song came out in 2007...but it still rocks, I'm a sucker for brit pop revival acts. I also put it on the list because The Rifles are finally attracting attention after being caught up in the race for UK indie dominance. The scene has calmed down allowing the long distance runners--not the sprinters to get some much needed attention.

The Thrills - Midnight Choir
Another band that needs more attention. I actually discovered them through the library, their album "Teenager" from 2007 caught my eye. It's still at the Downtown library if anyone is interested...

Diane Birch - Nothing but A Miracle
A definite blast from the past, at first I thought it was Carole King. I love how 1960s and 70s soul is now starting to infiltrate music, eighties its time to step aside. I advise you pay close attention to her, she is gonna go places.


Vedera - Satisfy
Slightly generic sounded I must confess, but edgy enough to garner a loyal fanbase and mainstream enough to go places commercially. I can see these guys blowing up on the MTV circuit...I also happen to be addicted to this song.

Ben L' Oncle Soul
- Seven Nation Army
The coolest cover of a White Stripes song I think I've ever heard.

Public Symphony - Rise and Shine
This is by far my favorite track on this list. It's by a little known British band, I am definitely going to post more from them later in the month.

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