September 27, 2009

The new k-pop girl group called....HAM?

No seriously their name is HAM!!!!! Of course it's an acronym standing for "Heart And Mind" but still...HAM!?After ranting about how stupid the name 4minute was yesterday I thought I couldn't find anything more pathetic, but after watching the new teaser for this upcoming group I have been proven wrong. They look a bit like Avril Lavigne-esqe Hot Topic girls and then all the sudden their name comes on the screen, paraded on what seems to be a "Spam Container" and then you read the word HAM. WHO THE HELL IS NAMING THESE GROUPS!? Because in my mind it appears to be the same person, that Mad TV used to make fun of in the "uh oh hot dog!" skits.

Found The whole vid...but I am not impressed. The song is called T.T Dance? Whatever the hell that means...I am still a bit lost. The song needs some serious work too. they are being pulled in all sorts of different directions, they have the "mall punk" image going on but the semi happy/ hip hopish/ rockish directionless mess of a poorly produced and written track.


  1. Oh my god this makes me cringe like hell.

    T.T looks like someone crying, so it's a song that's probably about a crying dance? But it would explain why the skull cries at the beginning.

    This song might have been passable if it didn't have a happy pop-ish chorus.

  2. Most of the boybands in Japan are handled by just one management (Johnny's Entertainment). I don't know if it's the same back in SK. If it is, then holy cow, that management comes up with the worse names ever. >_> (Super Junior is an okay name but people keep calling them SuJu, which sounds so bad)