September 20, 2009

Twilight has ruined my favorite bands!!!

First Muse jumped on the bandwagon, then Death Cab For cutie said they would write a track, then Thom Yorke...and now Band of Skulls and Grizzly Bear....WHY!???? I will admit, I have never read the books, I have never watched the movies, something about sparkly vampires that twinkle in the sunlight and have feelings and emotions is off putting to me. I prefer my vampires to kick ass and kill people, I guess I'm just more of a Buffy fan; where the vampires were hotter, they were badder, and there were way more R rated sex scenes (sorry but its so true). So now, after the entire soundtrack has been announced I have felt a bit betrayed by my favorite bands. And look I know everyone needs to make a buck once in a while, especially indie artists, and the movie soundtrack is usually a great way to promote indie bands. However, usually the music is used tastefully in a small budget film, or an artsier movie, not TWILIGHT. I guess this only scares me because Twilight is associated with so many things that churn my stomach, like Hot Topic, and screaming, crying, Edward Cullen loving girls...who will soon be attending indie concerts with me if they get their hands on that stupid album! I guess that's where the fear resonates from, the dread that when MY music (yes because I own it...ha) hits their ears, they will become addicted and start going to shows and buying records until INDIE becomes the new EMO and we all know how MTV ruined that genre. All I am hoping for at this point, is for that Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie to become a reality so Buffy can kick some major Twilight ass.


  1. Granted, I have not read/watch any of the Twilight franchise (I may get around to watching the movie to see what the hype is about though) so I can't really rebute your description. My knowledge extends to the random newspaper articles, flipping through the movie book, hearsay and my brother's/mother's attempt at summarizing.

    Anyhow, my point of this comment was that over the summer, I went to Forks, WA. Saw Bella's red truck (apparently), took a picture with it (which is in my home computer), and a lot of Twilight posters/information.
    Just wanted to add that. :P
    It is rather damp in that area...

  2. So I read the books and loved them. But I read them before they got all huge and overdone. And then the movie came out. Twilight movie = AWFUL. Did Death Cab really do a track??? That really disapoints me. They are one of my favorite bands and I hate that they will be associated with that awful excuse for a movie.

  3. By the way, I kind of love your blog

  4. This is a sad sort of thing. "indie" music is for the few and the elite, those who are willing to hunt for it. When it mainstreams itself into the little emo girl veins, you have all of them saying "I LOVE THIS MUSAAAKKKK!" and talking about all your favorite bands, just because it was on Twilight. In reality they would've scorned at the music and not thought twice of it if they hadn't heard it on some bullshit vampire movie.