September 4, 2009

Boa - Energetic

Its funny with an artist like Boa who has such a huge presence abroad, especially in South Korea, China and Japan that she would have such a hard time breaking into the US market. I really liked "Eat You Up" which came out in January of this year, however it flopped in the US probably because Boa was still struggling with her English when she recorded the song (and you can tell). Furthermore, the song writers didn't seem to be native English speakers either. Her third release "Energetic" is not as interesting as "Eat You Up" but definitely showcases her dancing skills and its still catchy but in a generic kind of way. I don't even think this single will help her make a dent in her album sales in the West.

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  1. I had no idea where to post this comment, but since this is BoA and kpop-related...

    Suju has concerts! ...I don't remember if I told you before...(they had one in 2008 and I think, according to the comments in youtube, they're preparing for another).

    What can I say...They've improved vocally (well, it is a ballad) but....screaming fangirls. (O_O) I do like this song though, very calming.


    To your post:

    I do enjoy watching BoA dance. :) You said this is her third release; then what's her second? (though, i agree with you, I think Eat you Up is better than this. This one's not as exciting).