September 15, 2009

Kanye West

Let's be cliche and talk about Kanye West about 48 hours after the VMAs and after every celebrity has dissed him on twitter and every vlogger on YouTube has stopped ranting about Taylor Swift being America's sweetheart. Let's talk about what really matters at the VMAs and to the music industry in general; who sells records. In the end its always about numbers and cold hard cash. So to every annoying talking head on The View who is claiming that Kanye's career is over, there is a record executive grinning and maybe even egging him on. Kanye West's outbursts (and there have been MANY anyone remember the Hurricane Katrina fiasco?) are not leading to declining downloads of his albums on itunes, they are not limiting the number of singles he has been guest featured on, and they are certainly not dimming his star power. So he is the biggest asshole in the business, yeah sure after the "I'm the voice of this generation speech" I just about had enough of him Auto-Tune and all, but the man can sell albums, and he is innovative. I can rant all day about how much I hate Kanye, but he produces some top notch performers including Kid Cudi, Telib Kweli (he produced Kweli's latest album) and Big Sean. you put Kanye West on your little pop track or rap song and it can become gold or even platinum because the man can rap...not SING (get that Kanye please STOP "singing") RAP. If you are an artist like Drake, (who I still can't stand by the way) this man would be nothing without the support of Lil Wayne and yes...Kanye West. So at the end of the day people can tweet about how horrible Mr West is, but they're still going to be shelling out 99 cents to buy his next single on itunes.

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  1. I was hoping that you'd post about this lol. It's so true! Everyone out there who is claiming that Kanye West's career is over is so blind. Since when did controversy have a negative impact on album sales? Mr. West was a trending topic on twitter for ike five days. Taylor Swift and Beyonce were topics for about 48 hours. Also, Taylor Swift and Kanye don't exactly have an overlapping fan base. I could see if Miley Cyrus went on stage and told Taylor Swift "Demi Lovato is a much better artist than you!", then maybe there would be an issue but believe you me. The guys who bought "Graduation" last year (Because no one bought 808 and Heartbreak) are very different from the 11 year old girls who bought "Fearless".
    Also, did you hear that Jay-Z kind of defended Kanye? according to "OMG", Jay-Z said "Kanye was rude, but he was only expressing his opinion". I know that Beyonce is his wife, and Kanye is his protege, but why would you speak up on that? Even Lady GaGa has remained silent, and she's going on his tour! What do you think?