September 27, 2009

Groups That Annoy Me: The Dead Weather

Jack White must be King Midas because every single project he's on becomes "musical gold." To the critics at least. Yeah yeah so I subscribe to Spin magazine and his band was on the cover for the May issue about two months after the surprise announcement that it even existed.

And if I sound like I'm in a bitchy mood...its because I AM! I have a World History test tomorrow taught by a prof who has smoked so much weed during the year of 1967 I'm not even sure he knows what decade he's in. I am so SICK of hearing about how EVIL capitalism is and how great Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are...what about micro loans in Africa buddy? That's CAPITALISM is that EVIL too? By the way I want to make it very clear that I am a liberal but this prof has gone so far off the deep end I am one step away from bringing in "The Patriot's Guide of American History" to class to tick him off...but I also want an A, so I have to compromise my outspokenness to get that stupid letter on my transcript.

However, I do not write a political blog...I write a music blog, so I will stop ranting about things are out of my control and focus on bashing rock stars who could care less about my existence. So getting back to the bitching at hand, just like "Girls," I DON'T GET IT. I mean there are some very talented musicians in this group and I am a huge Kills fan and all but when it all comes together it simply doesn't work. Sometimes I think music magazines praise White because he's JACK WHITE and can do nooooo wrong. I guess criticizing White at this point is kind of like saying that The Beatles might have not been the greatest rock band ever...GASP! You see, it doesn't go over well.

However, I am still small and insignificant enough to say that the first single "I Cut Like A Buffalo" is terrible. The beginning has potential with its sort of dub and ska infused acoustics but then White and Mosshart start singing...and it all goes downhill from there. There is no musical progression, and lyrics are idiotic, forgive me for not seeing the "meaning behind the music." And I know Spin went into a lengthy discussion with White and Mosshart about the meaning of the song, however I would like to point out that a shitty song is still a shitty song, regardless of if you sell yourselves as mainstream pop or "alternative/blues/indie rock." Being artsy and misunderstood does not exempt you from stupid lyrics like "you know I look like a women but I cut like a buffalo" no matter how "abstract" you may pawn off the song to be. In the end it's still lyrical diarrhea.

Ok I am done with my bitch-fest. Back to studying "the conspiracy theories" from a history textbook that was last updated in seriously.

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  1. I liked the song, but there's something wrong with the acoustics or something with this song. The singing doesn't mix with the music. It's like a bad photoshop pic.

    PS. I have to tell you-- your blog is what I do between homework assignments and every time I check there's something new :) thanks!