September 20, 2009

Letoya tries to be a class act ends up just being trashy.

The song needs some serious work to begin with and the music video just adds to the overall sleaze appeal. Its not that the dancing is horrible, what I have a problem with is the garish makeup! Geez Letoya is a pretty attractive woman, whats with the overdone face and the ridiculous hair style at the beginning, it makes her look like a drag queen. I also have a problem with the message of the song, with lines like "you ain't gonna let this little stray bringing fleas round here" and the chorus of "that hooOOOoooOOO..." I think it's wrong that the song is directed at the other woman and not at the man. Sorry to go all "feminist" on all of you, but I really can't stand it when women sing about other women in a derogatory way, it only gives men permission to do the same. The other complaint I have about the song is more of a stylistic nature, Letoya has a decent voice and her niche definitely is Rn'B but her sound is predictable and overplayed. Her songs are all about cheating boyfriends, and love in general, they all have the same hooks and beats of Rn'B divas that came before her. One minute she's Beyonce, the next she's Ciara. I'm waiting for her to be herself, and maybe come out with some edgier material. Also, just because you have a "voice for Rn'B" that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be confined to that genre. It would be nice to see some branching out.

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  1. I didn't find much wrong with this song [not my type of music, but it was catchy no doubt] until the part where she's giving him the angry lap dance, saying "does she take care of your kids like me? Does she cook, does she clean?"

    When women start singing with pride about all the things they do around the house... they're just degrading themselves. I know this old love song from the 80's where she would say things like "I make you eggs in the morning and get you your newspaper" etc. Seriously? Are you proud of being subservient! Make that man make his own goddamn eggs~!